Scams happen on and off the internet, but scammers do their dirty jobs online as they can do the tricks anonymously and faster than off the internet like through Clickbank Products. People become weary about the scams going on in the worldwide web and many even use the keyword scam to get the latest information for that dirty job to avoid being victimized. One of the famous on-going keywords regarding scam is Clickbank Scam as people claimed to be victimized by the said website. In reality, Clickbank is not a scam and its products are legitimate. That website is like Best Buy but the products are different as Clickbank sell electronic products such as videos, e-books, mp3 and instructional courses. 
The products vary in Clickbank as the topics they offer are different like dog training, gardening, fitness and exercise and many more. What most people think as scams are Clickbank Products that belong to the Internet Marketing area or also called as Make Money Online schemes. Possibly, the digital products there are not that content-rich or relevant but they are still legitimate.
Clickbank also serves as a top destination for online marketers or affiliate marketers. What they do is to advertise the Clickbank products online through websites, forums, and chats and direct the customers into buying them and earn commission per product sold. The products become shady when huge earnings are obtained at a very short time and little effort is promised to people. Such promises can be seen in such ads as AUTOMATED SOFTWARE THAT GIVES YOU $10000 A DAY USING CLICKBANK and assisted by hyped sales video and letters. Names are so enticing that people especially the inexperienced ones fall for the trick with the expectations of instant riches with just a few clicks and buying and using the software.
In reality, earning money through the internet is not instant just like any work or occupation. Commitment, effort and time are all needed to be successful online. You can build websites but you cannot expect for the money to come pouring in instantly as websites need endorsements and advertising to increase the traffic and boost their popularity. The good thing is that Clickbank products assist in all aspects of online business like website building, marketing, online traffic and advertising. 
Clickbank is fair enough as it serves as a digital product market place so content makers like those who are experts in chosen fields and create their videos, mp3 and e-books can sell their Clickbank products easier as thousands of marketers are available to endorse their products. Both the digital product makers and the marketers earn as the deals are win-win situations!
The question is, Does Clickbank really not scam people?  Majority of the products have refund option for unsatisfied customers through the 60 day money back guarantee. Those who claim to be scammed by the Get Rich Quick programs are just victimized by their own ignorance as the money back option is available for all Clickbank customers. 

The good tip to remember is to make thorough research and control impulsive buying as emotions must not get in the way in buying products online. Be sure to check the money back guarantee before you buy any Clickbank products.