You’re going to die.

                I mean, hopefully it won’t be anytime soon or anything like that, but eventually you’re going to kick the bucket.  Don’t feel bad, because everyone else is in the same boat, but the sooner you can come to accept this fact, the happier you’ll be with your life.  If you’ve chosen to pursue a career in the military, security, or law enforcement, I hope that you’ve already taken some time to consider the risks involved with the work.  Since it’s more likely that you’ll be injured or killed working as an overseas security contractor than, say, as a used car salesman, you need to have a will.

                No one wants to think about dying, but it’s a real risk of overseas contracting.  Take a second to think about what would happen if you kicked off RIGHT NOW.  Who would take control of your assets?  To put it bluntly, you can’t assume that something will happen unless you spell it out exactly in your will.  If you want things done your way, you’ve got to put a plan into place now.  You can do it yourself in only a few hours with an easy-to-use template, as long as you have all of your insurance paperwork available, but if you have any questions you should definitely consult an attorney.  

                Here’s where having a will pays off.  During your initial job interview, almost every security contractor’s recruiter is going to ask if you have a will in place.  Taking the time to put one together before anyone tells you to do it is just one more way to show your initiative.  Also, it shows that you take working in a war zone seriously, and fully understand the risks involved.  Believe me, there’s a lot of jerks and cowboys out there who don’t, and having a will proves to a recruiter that you’re not one of them.

                Your will is one last chance to spread your wealth around, even from beyond the grave.  Your battle buddies back at camp might split up your gear among themselves, but at least your will allows you to pass your house or cars down to your kids, rather than to your ex-wife!  It’s extremely important for people in high-risk professions to keep their beneficiary information up to date at all times, but from an applicant’s standpoint, you should get started on the process RIGHT NOW.  Invest an afternoon in drawing up your will, and it’ll be one less thing to worry about later.