Aloe vera is a natural moisturizer. It has a long and glorious history, and its health benefits are still wowing people today. If you want to throw your expensive, useless beauty products in the rubbish and start saving money on a natural product that actually works, you will be excited to learn the secrets of aloe vera.

History of Aloe Vera

For thousands of years, Aloe vera has been a popular moisturizing ingredient for skin care. It is also used in hair and nail care.

Africa was the birthplace of the aloe vera plant, but it's currently cultivated in several tropical regions worldwide.

Today, aloe vera is used in all sorts of health and beauty products. Examples include sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, skin cleansers, face moisturizer, acne cream, and foundation.

What Does "Aloe Vera" Mean?

The name aloe is taken from an Arabic word that means bitter. The second part of the name, vera, means true.

Aloe vera's other nicknames throughout the ages include:

  • plant of immortality
  • lily of the desert
  • medicine plant

Celebrities and Aloe Vera

Celebrities throughout time have used aloe vera in their beauty regimens. Here are a few people you may have heard of:

  • Cleopatra, the ancient Egyptian queen, was one of history's first recorded fans of aloe vera.
  • Actor Brad Pitt endorses an environmentally friendly aloe vera body wash.
  • Performer Victoria Beckham likes to use aloe vera on her skin just before traveling.
  • Celebrity Make-up Artist Carolee Brown says she uses aloe vera products to boost the beauty of stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Tea Leoni, and Julia Roberts.
  • Dancer Karina Smirnoff uses aloe vera for everything from soothing blisters to reducing wrinkles.

What Does Aloe Vera Look Like?

Aloe vera is a pale green plant with fat, juicy leaves. It is attractive to look at and the leaves are smooth to the touch. The juice of aloe vera is 99% water. This is the secret behind aloe vera's famous moisturizing property, and why it is so good for your skin and hair.

How to Use Aloe Vera

There are endless ways to get the benefits of aloe vera. Here are a few ideas:

  • Apply to chapped skin for a healing cure (works great on knees, heels and elbows)
  • Use aloe vera gel as a lip balm
  • Massage aloe vera oil into your scalp to help with dry skin or moisturize sun-damaged hair
  • Mix aloe vera with a few drops of essential oil like rose or orange to create a scented skin moisturizer you can give as a Christmas gift or birthday surprise

Once you start using aloe vera in your beauty regimen, you'll find yourself using it for everything. It is truly all-purpose, has no negative side-effects, and is full of health benefits. It is easy to find and inexpensive. You are not just limited to commercial products, either. You can grow your own aloe vera plant, or purchase pure aloe vera gels and dried aloe vera juice concentrate.