Visiting Sydney Australia is a wonderful way to spend vacation time and millions of Americans make the voyage each year. There are a number of reasons why U.S. citizens like the country and feel very at home in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This happens to be one of the most popular locations for vacation travel in recent years for travelers from around the world. The "land down under" has become a hub of activity for any tourist with an enormous venue of sites and places to enjoy. Even with an large part of the city’s economy based on visitors spending their vacation dollars from around the globe, America is a large contributor to this particular economic base for a variety of reasons.


One of the best things about this country and in particular the city of Sydney is the amount of different cultures all blended together which is similar to how the United States sees herself. A melting pot of different nationalities, religions, cultures and food all come together to make her what she is and how the rest of the world sees her. This is a big benefit and advantage to why these particular visitors would enjoy spending their leisure time here.


The weather is similar to what a lot of people in from our country are used to. They have four distinct seasons. Since they are on the other side of the equator, these are the opposite of what we normally see when looking at our calendar. For an example, when we are having our winter months, they are in the midst of their summer. Spring for them is when we have Fall. This means to prepare when you visit the continent to celebrate the Christmas holiday season during the country’s summer months. This is not a bad thing for most people.

The warmest part of the year is during their winter months/summer months or December to February. For most visitors who live in the colder states of our nation, they are ready to enjoy some warmer weather from December to February with snow and ice on the ground at home.


The American dollar is valid currency here. However, because this country has their own currency, most tourists find they will use whatever one has the most spending power. Money changers that exchange one form of currency for another are prevalent and easy to find.

Getting the local dollars are not a problem with banks, hotels and foreign exchange services. There are a number of foreign ATM machines around and credit cards are useful when shopping or eating in local eateries. All legal currency used in our native country is valid in this city as well.


Another attraction is the spoken language is English. This means street signs, restaurant menus and nearly anything else you need to read is in English and speaking with the locals is not a struggle in translation.


The population is slightly over 4 million people. Though not as large as the top three or four most populous cities in our country, it is larger than a small town found at home. Four million people is a nice size city to visit where most people will find a comfort level.

Lots of the buildings, shops, restaurants and houses are in a style we feel familiar with. The city is not as old as Rome or as new as some of the recent vacation hot spots around the globe with no building older than 20 years standing.

Other attractions

Gambling is  legal here and there are beaches and malls galore. Along with having familiar entertainment also seen in the States, there are also unique and unusual attractions only found here that make the trip worth the while.

Transportation for the tourist includes taxis, buses and ferries and a Metro Monorail which is similar to our Chicago, Illinois transport, but more modern. Taxis and buses are not so unfamiliar in their construction that we feel out of sorts or unfamiliar with how to find and spot them.

Qantas is the only airline in the world to boast not a single plane crash. This is the Australian airline to get you from Sydney to any other city in the world. This says a lot about their transportation system.

In conclusion

This beautiful city is laid back and comfortable for the average world traveler and especially for American tourists for a multitude of reasons. With all the amenities that make us feel at home, the exodus of travelers coming to visit from the States is bound to continue and grow. It is better than being at home away from home because you are on vacation.

This is a wonderful place for a world traveler to begin a trip around the globe.

Sydney is a beautiful city with a lot to offer the world traveler

Sydney is a wonderful city with a lot to offer the world traveler