Tax is a tribute to the State towards Security. A Stateless society where Civilians are Militia and holds weapon for self-defense, which is constitutionally approved, then why they have to pay tax?

Tax is the historical process which indicates tribute and submission to a Sovereign body. This sovereign body is attained when the individuals submit their sovereign to the Land towards governance that would provide security from the internal and external threat. The sovereign body of the Land is called Government. In any sovereign land the security is the concern of the Authority.

The Liberal society of America, which is a stateless society, pondered the right to self-defense and gave them a possession of weapon, is a shrinking responsibility of governance. The provision of survival with economy and security is erased in the concept of Liberty.

When people are self-governed in the wake of economy and security, then what is the role of governance to claim the tax from the people of the Land? The Federal governance is equipped with Military to protect the Federal institution, which is mainly towards the feudal interest, i.e. exploiting the indigenous natural and human resources, and manipulating the world resources.

The policies of America in the International Relations are through Appeasement, Aid and War. These need funds. The fund is invested from the tax received from the people of America in the good of Human Values. But these policies are mainly in the interest of the Feudal to extract the maximum resources and control the World polity. The control on the World resources by the Feudal through the Policies of the Federal government of America and its hegemonic position in the World Order creates many complexities in the Human Civilisation.

Due to the deprived and control economy in the World makes a random migration whether it is legal and or illegal. Legal migration is based on the need of the Federal institution, whereas illegal migration is based on the need of Liberal economy. A liberal economy is always bending towards cheap labour and hence they claim on illegal migration.

Illegal migrants do not pay as much tax as the legal migrants or the Citizen of the America pay. The reason behind they are paying the protection money to the defacto governance who counter them with provision and protection. This defacto governance controls the politics of the Land of America and also in the Sovereign Land of the World.

Though these illegal migrants get provision and protection for their survival, but they are being exploited by the defacto governance. Any governance, which is a para-community based is bound to get exploitative since these are not controlled by Law, which is Universal. They are not only treated as cheap labour, but also have no legal social security.

These illegal migrants of the stateless feudal society are seizing the survival of the Citizens who pay a heavy tax just to bear the tag of Citizenship. These taxes are further invested in the name of War on Terrorism to grab the natural resources of the specific land and /or control the polity of the region by aiding the terrorist camps that are involved in the proxy war.

Though America is having all the amenities for the Statehood, i.e. Army, Natural and Human Resources, Industries, etc. but nothing is meant for the people of America since they are deprived by the security and survival in the name of Liberal or Stateless society. When people of America are holding Individual Sovereign, then why they are paying tax?

Are people of America only the tools of the Feudal apparatus, just the way, the World is? These need thinking.