The All-Inclusive Vacation

What You Can Expect At a Resort

When You arrive at your resort you will most likely be greeted with a welcome drink and given a quick introduction to the resport and its ammenities.  You will then be wisked off to your room where you can generally find a fully stocked mini bar. Sometimes (depending on the star rating) you will have a snack tray waiting on the table in your room.

Once you get settled, you can then decide if you want to go to the beach, pool or just walk around and familiarize yourself with the resort.  Some resorts can be very large and often require several rides on a trolley to get you from corner to corner.  I personally enjoy doing this as soon as I arrive so I can see the entire property.

Ensure you look at all the dining options early on so you can make reservations before they are all taken.  You will generally get 3-4 Ala Carte options and unlimited buffet sittings.  Somtimes the buffet is so good that you won't even want to try the Ala Carte resturants in fear of missing a good meal.   Even if you try an Ala Carte and do not like the food, you can still visit the buffet afterwards.


During the day you can spend your time at the beach, pool or inside.  Sometimes the pool is much closer to the bar so the beach does not seem all that attractive.  Something you need to try is the swim up bar.  Most resorts will have at least one swim up bar in the main pool.

There are generally lots of activities available at the resort which are included with your stay.  Some have more than others but I have been to resorts that offer horse back riding, archery, biking, kayaking, wind sailing, boogy boarding, beach volleyball, dancing and other basic water sports.

If the included activities do not interest you the tour desk will have a variety of excursions.  They will arrange an excursion for you that includes transportation, food and drinks.  The price can vary quite a bit depening on what type of tour it is and how much transporation is required.  While on these tours you can rest assured you will be safe and looked after.

In the eveing, after dinner, you can hang out at one of the bars and listen to live singing or take in the shows at the entertainment area.  They will often have dancers, singers, hypnotists, magicians and acrobats.  Depending on the resort the entertainment may be worth while or a waste of time. 

I've fallen asleep during some shows and was completely amazed by the quality of others.  I once saw a Michael Jackson impersonator that was very good.  It was standing room only and the crowd loved it.  At the end of the show, the entertainers received a very loud applause and a standing ovation.

I'm a big fan of all-inclusive resorts because they truly let you relax.  Some people think they would get bored but trust me, there is plenty to do at these places.

Next trip try an an all-inclusive resort and you may be surprised hwo much you enjoy it.