An Inglesina trip stroller has all the qualities you need from this type of accessory: great mobility, very light, a lot of storage space in the basket, easily pliable and a waterproof cover. Most trip strollers are only suitable for older babies, who already sit on their own. But Inglesina trip stroller has four backrest positions, which makes it perfect for all children, from newborns to toddles. Actually, this stroller has all the features you expect from a large, expensive stroller, while being small and light enough to be taken anywhere: in the car, in the bus or in the plane.


Inglesina Trip Stroller, Not Only For Trips

Most parents buy two different strollers: a bulky, expensive ones that they use most of the time, even if it’s heavy and hard to maneuver, and a smaller one, for when they travel. But this means that you will spend a lot of money on something you will use only occasionally. Instead of buying two separate items, you should simply buy an Inglesina trip stroller. You can use it all the time, with infants or toddlers, when you go out just for a short walk in the park or when you travel by car or by plane. Easy to maneuver and very light, this is the perfect item for active parents, who love to go out a lot. If you just had a baby, that’s not a reason to stay locked inside. It’s not healthy for the parent and it’s not healthy for the baby. But most strollers are bulky, big and uncomfortable to push in a busy store, in a coffee shop or even on the street. Avoiding people and obstacles is hard and most people get discouraged. This is why most people either stay in their own backyard, even if they are in the mood for a walk, or they carry the baby. With Inglesina trip stroller, you don’t have all those problems. You can pack it and put it in the trunk or have it ready for the baby in no time. The stroller is very compact, but offers you everything you need. The basket is quite large – you can put in there diapers, extra clothes, some snacks and toys. If you don’t need the basket, you can simply take it off. The waterproof cover has a small plastic window, allowing you to keep an eye at your baby at all times. The handles are very comfortable and they offer you a very good control over the stroller. And, because you need you hands free but you still want to enjoy your coffee your water, the stroller also has a conveniently placed cup holder.  Inglesina trip stroller is well padded, making it comfortable and safe for all children, from infants to toddles. The seat belt and footrest are adjustable, making Inglesina trip stroller a very safe item.


Inglesina Trip Stroller, For Active Parents

Having a baby is not a reason to give up on all the things you like to do. Jogging, shopping, enjoying a coffee at your favorite coffee shop or traveling – they will all be a lot more fun with your baby around. The only thing you really need it’s a reliable stroller. An Inglesina trip stroller has all the qualities that people with an active life style need. This Italian brand is world famous for the durable, compact and good quality strollers they made. The wheels are large and strongly build, so you can use the stroller everywhere, even on unpaved roads in the park, without having to struggle when you push it. If you are interested in buying one, you can find a lot of great offers online and have your new stroller delivered in no time. Useful as primary or secondary stroller for your baby, it’s an inexpensive item, one that’s really worth buying. To make sure you are getting the right item for your needs, you can read customers’ reviews from other parents. All the websites selling baby items have review sections, so you have the opportunity to find the opinion of other people on those strollers. Also, they come in a lot of colors, so you can have not only a practical, easy to handle stroller, but also a very stylish one.