Ancient aliens the series

Okay, so plenty of people have complained about the show, "Ancient Aliens". Its been called psuedo history or even just down right lies. People have been working on "debunking" it since it came on the air. Really, since before even then. If you watch the first season, you'll see half the people on the show calling the theories nonsense. So, why is a show which  so many people think is completely fake still on the air? Why is it in it's fifth season? Well, I've got some theories of my own and I'll share them with you in this article.

 First of all, I think its human nature to be interested in the unknown and I get suspicious of anyone who dismisses something as fake right away just because it doesn't automatically fit with what they were told before. We shouldn't allow ourselves to get suckered by outrageous stories at every turn, but that doesn't mean we should stand by old information just because someone in a school building or with a degree told us that either. To prove a point, let me ask you a simple question. How did the dinosaurs die? Or rather, what happened to them? Now, its been a long time since I was a kid in school, but I can still remember way back in elementary school when I was told a meteor hit the Earth and wiped out all the dinosaurs. In that very same school building, I checked out a book from the school library once which was all about dinosaurs. Keep in mind that these were children's books. This is where our information on a lot of topics starts. Anyway, I remember going through the books, looking at these pictures of different types of dinosaurs and how they looked, what size they were compared to some animals we see today, and so on. Then, I got to the end of the book and to my great surprise, I learned that dinosaurs apparently never died!! They simply evolved into modern day birds! How could this be? How could they have been completely wiped out by a meteor and "extinct" and yet evolve into birds??? And didn't evolution take millions of years? Where were the "missing links" between dinosaurs and birds??? How can these things both be true? And why is it that during my entire time in school all the way up to my graduation, no teacher ever explained this to me? Maybe, because they didn't really know either. What the Ancient Aliens show would call, "mainstream science" or "mainstream archeology" does NOT have all the answers. Nobody does. Can't really blame them. But the problem is that they like to ACT like they have all the answers.

 And that's where a lot of problems arise. Now, I'm going to quote one of the great fictional characters in literature and although he's fictional, his words are very true.... "We must always form theories to fit the facts and not facts to fit theories." That probably wasn't a perfect quote, but you get the idea. The character was Sherlock Holmes. And what he describes is exactly what some people in the world of science, archeology, and many would say even religion do and have probably always done to some degree. Its really human nature. Look at politics and you'll definitely see what I'm talking about. And personally, I think its got a lot to do with the human ego. We want to believe we are right even if evidence comes to light which would put our beliefs into question.

 So, to me, the theory of ancient aliens visiting the Earth is entirely possible. I don't know for a fact that they did or that they didn't. I'm willing to look at evidence and see what conclusions other have drawn though. And there are times when watching Ancient Aliens that I've scoffed quite a bit at their conclusions, especially when they were talking about a topic or person which I knew something of from my own research. Most the really good examples of this come in season three for me. But I still listened out of curiosity. I don't have to agree with them all the time to see where they're coming from and to possibly learn something that I never knew before. For example, although so many people bash on this show for it's lack of "real" history, I learned more about the burial chamber of the first emperor of China from their secret tombs episode than I did watching a special dedicated soley to that emperor on the history channel some years before. That's what I watch this show for. Its the things I learn on that show that they can actually SHOW me which I don't see on other shows, because maybe it doesn't fit perfectly with the accepted story of how things went. Another good point the show made was that no bodies have ever been found buried within the great pyramids which of course throws a question as to what their true purpose may have been. Another thing I learned which I thought was ridiculous that nobody else seemed to be talking about was that the great pyramid actually has EIGHT sides and you can only tell that at a certain point in the year due to light and shadow. That's a pretty awesome thing to know if you ask me. That interests me. It doesn't tell me that aliens built the pyramids or anything like that, but I find it interesting and I can't help but wonder why nobody else talks about some of these things. 

 I'll wrap this article up by just saying that I'm not trying to talk anyone into believing in alien "greys" or whatever coming down here and telling Moses to walk around for forty years or that King Tut's father was E.T. or anything like that. I'm just saying that if you look at this show objectively, you may find some really cool things from history that you wouldn't have known otherwise. And there may even be one or two things that DO make you question alien activity in the past, but really, I don't see any way of proving or disproving this theory until somebody invents a time machine capable of going that far into Earth's past or aliens actually land in public view and tell us they were or weren't here before. Or finding alien bodies in some ancient tomb or something like that. Either way, this is just a fun and thought provoking show in my opinion. If nothing else, its worth watching to see what craziness Georgio is going to have going on with his hair from episode to episode. Some times, I think he's on to a good idea and I may be inclined to agree with him. A lot of times, I'm just looking at his hair. Its quite unique. Anyway, check out "Ancient Aliens" if you haven't already and you may find that you like it.