If you are doing research on Biologic’s Skin Cell Therapy Cream then you probably have already realized that virtually every review you read online is positive for this product. The reason for this is simple they are all selling the cream. If you read actual reviews from real people you get a more complete picture.

Stem Cell Therapy Face CreamThere are some people that have positive experiences with this product but there are many negative reviews of Sin Cell Therapy too. The reviews section of Amazon shows a bunch of actual customer’s thoughts regarding this product. It is touted to be a breakthrough in eliminating wrinkles by boosting the skins natural production of skin stem cells but that is not a whole lot different than what other types of anti aging creams do.

Conventional Skin Creams – How They Work

One of the most popular types of skin creams on the market for a few years now is the Coenzyme Q10 genre of treatment. Coenzyme Q10 works by targeting slowed cell regeneration. Does this sound familiar? Almost sounds a bit like Skin Cell Therapy Cream doesn’t it?

The thing is however that most Co-Q10 products can be purchased for a lot less than Biologics’s Skin Cell Therapy. It depends a lot on which product you buy but Co-Q10 can be purchased for less than $20 compared to the $30-$50 you would be paying for Skin Cell Therapy face creams.

Other Types Of Anti Aging Creams

In addition to Coenzyme Q10 there are other types of skin care products which do similar things to the claims of Skin Cell Therapy but they do work in different ways.

Idebenone products for instance work by limiting the damage to skin cells. Free radicals cause this damage and over time the cells deteriorate and aging results. Skin Cell Therapy claims to increase your skin’s ability to regenerate itself but if you experience less damage then faster regeneration is less necessary. These are more expensive than Co-Q10 but still less than Skin Cell Therapy.

An even cheaper way of limiting the damage to cells via free radicals is to use products rich in retinol. You can even eat foods with retinol to help keep your skin looking better without spending as much. This is of course more challenging than using daily creams but it is a cheaper option that makes sense.

Negative Skin Cell Therapy Cream Reviews

As noted previously there are a lot of positive reviews of this product coming from people selling it. This is to be expected but the negative reviews are harder to find. You really have to look for past customers to find these reviews but even these you have to take with a grain of salt. Many people buying these products do not understand how they work and some people just expect miracles.

You can’t expect too much out of products like this but you also have to weigh the benefits of the product against its cost. Skin Cell Therapy cream is one way to address aging skin but it’s not the only way and it’s not the most affordable either.