Dansko: The Best Shoes For Nurses?

Do they really match up to the hype? If so, why are Dankso Shoes good for nursing?

Nursing takes it's toll on your feet, which makes finding the best nurse shoes important not only for your success at work, but also for your own physical well being. Many experienced nurses have turned to one shoe company to keep their feet comfortable, safe and happy during even the longest shifts: Dankso.

Dansko nursing shoes are widely considered the premier nurse shoes on the market. They're tough, reliable, comfortable, last forever and come in big assortment of styles and colors.

I'll explain all the technical reasons why Danskos are the perfect shoes for nurses in just a moment, because it's important. But the real "proof" as to how good these shoes are for hard-working nurses comes straight from the nurses themselves.

Dansko Reviews From Real Customers

Dansko Professional Clog(81867)Did you know that you can read real, truthful reviews about Dansko shoes on Amazon.com? Reading what real customers say about their Dansko shoes is the ultimate way to know how these nurse shoes actually hold up in the field. No marketing speak, no slick salesmen, just real, honest people who have actually bought and worn the shoes. You'll notice pretty quickly that many of the reviewers are nurses themselves, and point it out in their write-ups. They'll often go so far to say what kind of nurse they are, what kind of medical facility they work at and even describe the rigors of their normal days. From RNs to CNAs and even doctors and administrative assistants, you'll find plenty of comments from every walk of like in the nursing world.

Here's a trick to pick out the right Dansko shoes for you:

Go through all the Dansko shoes offered on Amazon, and jot down your favorite styles on a piece of paper. Once you have your list put together, go through each one of them and read all of the reviews for each one. You'll start noticing patterns develop, especially as they relate to the way they fit certain types of feet.

For example, you might notice people with flat feet saying positive things about one style, and negative things about an other. The same could be said for people with wide feet, narrow feet, high arches, low arches and others.

Try to think of it as research; the more reviews you read, the better you'll understand what makes certain Dansko shoes so good for nurses with feet like yours. You'll quickly be able to narrow your list down to ones that would fit your feet the best. Then it's just a matter of selecting your favorite style and color.

Endless.com also has a massive database of Dansko nurse shoe reviews from actual customers, too. Endless is Amazon's dedicated Shoe Specialty Shop, and as a result it has an even bigger selection than Amazon itself, if you can believe it.

The Best Dansko Shoes For Nurses

Dansko Women's Professional ClogWith few exceptions, nurses tend to gravitate towards the clogs. Granted Dansko makes many other shoe styles, from sandals to boots and just about everything in between; but most women choose Dansko Clogs for nursing.

And it's easy to see why: They are easy to slip on and off (yet won't accidentally fall off), they are durable, tough, clean up easily, protect your feet and toes, have a classic business look and are made from some outstanding materials. But don't think this limits your choices, Dansko makes seemingly endless styles of clogs, and most of them come in multiple colors. You'll even find several pairs of open toe Dansko nursing shoes, too.

Finding the perfect Dansko nursing shoe that meets your office needs, yet also fits your foot like a glove and looks great is easy.

Why Are Dansko Shoes Good For Nursing?

Dansos have a rock solid reputation for providing outstanding work shoes at a very affordable price. Let's have a look at what makes them one of the most popular nursing shoes in the world:

Quality Construction.

Dansco nurse shoes are made from the highest quality materials, usually genuine leather. The soles are strong and durable, the stitching is top notch and plenty of attention has been given to all the "little things." Because they're built so tough, they can withstand just about anything you can throw at them, and they'll come through with flying colors. From the most intense shifts at an emergency room, floor shifts on the hospital floor, clinical work at a doctor's office and anything in between, Dansco's are built to last.


It doesn't matter how well a shoe is put together, or how safe it keeps your feet, if it isn't comfortable. One of the reasons why Danscos are considered among the best shoes for nurses is that they are extremely comfortable, even when you've been on your feet all day. It's still a good idea to read up on the reviews, though, so you can better determine which styles are best for your foot.


While anything short of a steel-toe boot won't protect you from every possible contingency, Danscos come pretty darned close. The tough-as-nails materials through the soles will minimize any risk that something will poke you through the bottom (such as an accidental sharps, a needle or even broken glass - it does happen in hospitals). And the surrounding materials are strong enough to protect from most drops, kicks and toe stubs.

Another advantage: Danscos are nearly slip-proof. They grip the floor amazingly well, meaning you're more likely to keep your footing when things get spilled, or on slippery floors.


While not the absolute cheapest professional shoe you'll find, these don't cost a fortune, either. If you shop on Amazon or Endless you can find them in the $70 to $150 range, depending on style and size (expect to double that if you shop anywhere else, it seems like nobody can beat Amazon's prices these days). But if you want some really cheap Dansco nursing shoes, you can probably find a pair of slightly used ones on eBay, or even on the bulletin board at your work.

Think about this: You can buy cheaper nursing shoes, but they probably won't last nearly as long. What seems like a great savings up front is quickly negated when you realize you're replacing those bargain brand shoes four or five times as often as you would a good pair of Dansos. In fact, most nurses NEVER replace a good pair of Danscos, they'll simply get them tweaked by a professional cobbler if they need work (most will provide services at a fraction of the price of new nurse shoes).

They Look Great.

There's no mistake that these are a professional's shoes. For many nurses, that's an important element all it's own. But for the rest of us, we must meet a dress code policy at work. Only in the most rare occasions will Danscos not meet dress code requirements. It's always a good idea to check with your supervisor, HR person or supervising doctor (MD) just to be safe.

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In Conclusion

The reasons why Danscos are so popular amongst nurses is that they're built to last, look great, feel comfortable and will protect you while you're on the job. Of course I implore you to read the reviews and see for yourself. See how other people respond to the popular question: "Why are Dansco shoes good for nursing."