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Why Are Our Police Becoming More Violent?

By Edited Jun 7, 2016 1 8

Their Uniforms Say "Police," But These Look Like US Marines

Cops or Marines?
Credit: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/12/20/local-cops-ready-for-war-with-homeland-security-funded-military-weapons.html

Good Cop/Bad Cop - It is an old game

A man or woman in trouble has no better friend or ally than a good police officer.  It matters none whether they be strangers in strange lands, or right at home where they were raised.  A righteous police officer is a treasure to any community so fortunate as to have one, and all across the USA there are communities blessed with many a good man and woman wearing the badge and the blue.  As for myself, I have met many a fine officer of the law, persons literally worthy of being called peace officers, true community assets.  I'll tell you the truth, I've often met such individuals at times where I didn't deserve their kindness at all.  I could have easily deserved a worse charge, or to not have been left with a warning, and to be on my merry way.

Nowadays things have changed, and something wicked this way blows.  One can not be a "peace officer," when one is dressed for war.  At all protests across the nation, look who came prepared for a riot, and it is not the protestors, but rather the violence officers, the police.

There is no mystery here.  When and where this designed increase in police brutality all started is a well known and documented[1].  It's no mistake at all on the part of our corrupt to the core federal government.  The massive spike in violence by police officers against United States citizens is all part of a design, a plan, and it all has one purpose; to show the citizen they're not important, that state authority is "god."

In Any Political Event, The Only Important Questions Are Who Wins? Who Loses?

From 911 To The Police State

Are Modern Police Terrorist? They're Thousands Of Times More Likely To Kill You Than Any Arab

In regards to the question, "why are our police becoming more violent?" It isn't so important one recognize what an obvious false flag 911 was[2], it is merely important one realize the staged mass murder in New York City benefiting Larry Silverstein[3] and the military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, and authoritarian police state oligarchy, was indeed the turning point, the point in which police departments across the nation started becoming more and more violent towards the citizens of the United States of America.

 I live a lot of my life in internet meme land.  One meme that has gone far and wide involves the notion one is 8 times as likely to be murdered by a police officer than a terrorist[4]. I doubt that is true.  I'd imagine one is about ten thousand times as likely to be murdered by a police officer than what the government would call a "terrorist."  That state protects the state, and because that is absolutely true, it is almost never considered "murder" by the state when police murder someone.  It doesn't matter to the state should police burn someone alive[5] acting as judge, jury, and executioner.  The state refuses to name agents of the state as murderers or terrorist, regardless of how many murders or acts of terrorism they are involved in.

Growing up, I never realized how important my English classes were.  I remember giving away my copy of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" to a beautiful girl named Elizabeth.  Now, we all live in Orwell's world, and when the President of the United States of America says "terrorist hate us for our freedoms[6]," what he really means is he and global oligarchy hate American citizens for their freedoms, and they'll stage any number of "terror attacks" necessary in order to remove each and every freedom there once was.

All over our once proud nation, the police departments in the large population centers are becoming more violent than the street gangs.  In some places, there would be less fear among the populace where the Crips or the Bloods patrolling the streets and keeping the "peace."  it isn't just that the police are becoming more violent, they are.  They're also now carrying military grade weaponry[7], and the total corruption that is the United States mass media still portrays these villains as some sort of "heroes."

Noam Chomsky, The World's Most Important Intellectual, Speaks About Corruption In The US Media

Noma Chomsky, Brilliant Observer.

The Police ARE the terrorists

When it comes to terrorism, I don't want anyone to think it isn't a concern, it is more that I want people to realize terrorism is a HUGE concern, and police departments are most often the terrorist to be concerned about.  They are killing our dogs, murdering Downs syndrome afflicted persons[10], murdering homeless, and arresting persons for obeying laws[8].  Today I'm reading about a man murdered by police for looking for a cigarette in his car in his own driveway[9], these are the things police are doing now in the USA, and these are the things American mass media are demanding by omission that We The People accept as wholesome, as good, as valid, as fair, and as our lots in life.

The point of all this is very very clear.  The state serves the state.  The state serves what is by all valid definitions, terrorism.  The terrorist US federal government hates us for the freedoms affirmed for us all here in our Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

There are dozens more examples concerning just how much SERVICE and PROTECTION the police departments in modern American are providing the United States citizen, and among the finest efforts are the stories of the man who came home to find his own son had taken his own life, and then police beat him[11], and why did they beat him?  They beat him because they jobs include the joyous pursuits of violence against their fellow man. Then there is the story of the police who came to a home to tell the people there their son had been murdered, then they added the shooting murder of the family dog[12],  I suppose this was because they'd not gotten the opportunity to kill the son themselves.  I guess I shouldn't go on and on as if it is all bad; in the case where the police murdered a man for holding a water nozzle (a terrible crime, if I don't say so myself) they've been ordered to pay a fine for their blood sport[13].  This thing where there is punishment for police murders, this is extremely rare, I'd imagine most come with promotions under the Obama government.

Who Came Prepared And Looking For violence? They'd Hate To Be Disappointed

Riot Police

Police Abuse Children

I know all these examples and the outright facts available across the nation and specific to unique communities might not do it for everyone; but there is nothing so absurd as someone who calls his or herself a "peace officer," and then deems themselves there to "serve and to protect" than a violent criminal with a badge and a gun who abuses children; and when a nationwide change of mind has taken place to where police understand it is simply good sport to murder someone's precious and most loved family dog, it can hardly be expected the police would then care about their daughter or their son.  After all, isn't beating up a 15 year old girl[14] a comparable sport to shooting family pets?  Some police do think so.

I'd not have you think assaulting a 15 year old girl was such a terrible thing for a fine officer of the law, a man or woman of peace, a server and protector of society to have done.  It's really not so bad.  At least it isn't so bad in comparison to other assaults of children by police in the USA these days.  I mean, terrorizing ten and four year old naked children [15]is something I have to consider as having even less moral value than murdering dogs; but is preferable still to murdering random persons holding water nozzles, or guilty of being homeless or mentally ill.  It is really a toss up, what is your favorite murder by police these days?  Surely you have one, as murder is a sport in police departments across the nation now.

This Child Was Both Served AND Protected By The Police State

Served And Protected
Credit: http://www.3news.co.nz/Teens-allege-police-brutality-at-Howick-party/tabid/423/articleID/286398/Default.aspx

Why Are Police Becoming More And More Violent?

Why are police becoming more and more violent?  It's all rather simple, really, police are becoming more and more violent because we are allowing them to kill our dogs, our children, and beat our husbands and wives, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandmothers and grandfathers, mothers and fathers, friends and neighbors.  We are allowing police to beat and kill us because we are stupid.  Why are we stupid?  Because we allow ourselves to be stupid.  How do we allow ourselves to be so stupid as to allow police to kill everyone and their dogs?  Oh because we do not realize the government is only ever lying to us, and the mass media is part of the government's operation of never ending lies.

We allow police to murder our dogs, and our family members, and then we allow them to hide behind blue walls of cowardice.  Any officer protecting a murderous dog killing or human killing officer is only another coward, and what is a coward but a lesser human being than you or I?  What are they going to do, kill us more than once?  We're all dirt bound, buddy, and you can bet on that.  We should never be afraid of a cowardly cop or a cowardly police department, we're all going to die, and a coward cop dies ten thousand deaths.

If you are like me, and you do not want coward dog killing cops in your community, then you simply need to realize that you have the power to stop it.  Every police officer has a name and an address, they've also got badge numbers, and we the people have the ability to write to our mayors, our police chiefs, our senators, and our house representatives.  We can picket outside the police headquarters, and we can write about the crimes of violent police on the web, we can expose them, you and I can do it.

Why are the police becoming more violent?  Another reason is that police officer unions always protect dirty cops.  It is nearly impossible to fire a bad cop [17]because police officer unions protect them, and fire any officer who blows the whistle exposing the crimes of another policeman.  It is a systemic corruption system, the police departments in the USA, and all over the world use to protect themselves with.  The state always serves the state, and not the people.  Police departments in this current paradigm of blue walls of cowardice always serves and protects other police, and not the people.

So why are police more and more violent?  Oh they nowadays sometimes think they are soldiers, and not cops.  Cops are not soldiers, my friends, and it is time you and I start telling them that to their faces.  "Excuse me, Sir, you are not a soldier, you are a police officer." - you can say that.  I can say that.  We The People have a voice and we are NOT less valuable than police are, they are supposed to SERVE us; and do not forget that.

Why are police acting like military?  They have no right to, they only do so because we allow them to.  We pay taxes, we can decide for them what they can or can not do, there is nothing a cop can do, no matter how murderous or stupid a cop he or she is, to stop an organized community who says, "HELL NO, YOU CAN NOT MURDER MY SON, MY DAUGHTER, OR MY DOG IN THIS COMMUNITY!"

Finally, the question stands, and still requires an answer, "why are our police becoming more violent?"  I don't know the answer, but I know they are.  It's now recorded that in recent years more Americans have been killed by police than were killed in the latest war in Iraq[16].  So the question really is, once and for all.  What are YOU going to do about escalating police violence in your community?


Thanks for reading, and NEVER allow your police department to forget they serve YOU.

Police Brutality Exists Because We Tolerate It

Every Cop Has A Name And An Address - Use Their Information To REMOVE Violent Police From YOUR Community



Aug 3, 2013 3:48am
I wish you did not bring this topic up, and you know why.... I am not sure that the evil is the Federal Government, but each community which allows police in their midst to act the way they do. I don't think that the future will be too relaxed either. After twelve years of war, some of the veterans will find their way into the local police and those are trained killing machines who have to kill...

You are right though: we are the stupid who let it happen, and as long as we do, I don't see things improving. I think that the degree of police brutality is very much tied into the local culture.

I remember one time going back to Wisconsin there was an alert on. They were on the look out. In Chicago there were announcements on the PBS that searches were going to be done before boarding, and there were plenty of uniforms around with dogs. When we boarded the train though, I did not see any search being done. There were two station police on both sides of the gate and they were looking at people, in a way rushing them to the platform to board the train, making sure it was not late.

When I arrived in Milwaukee, I had to wait for a ride. The show was different. There were about thirty or forty uniformed men and women in the waiting room. They were all sorts of uniforms from local police, sheriff's office ATF, Transportation and so for. They were all dressed up in combat gear, almost, and they had shoulder guns displayed in plain sight. They set up tables, and everyone boarding the train had the bags open and searched... Of course the train was late... When they were done, they packed up and vanished in a matter of a few seconds.

I don't know how effective they were, I am not sure that they found any terrorists, but all passengers looked terrorized and did not know what hit them...

Twenty eight years of my life were spent under Communist dictatorship, however I never felt as uncomfortable as I do here at times, in the "land of the free", each time I see a uniform around.

I think America is going through a phase right now, a phase of insanity and paranoia which will pass one day, as sudden as it came upon us. If we will be alive to see it, I can't say, but I am convinced it will pass!!!
Aug 3, 2013 10:26am
It's so damn sad, Crin, all these absolutely and utterly useless federal police organizations...ATF, DEA, DHS, TSA....none of those people should have those jobs, those jobs shouldn't exist.

I'm not against them being employed though, I think they should be doing something useful instead of socially toxic things they are doing now. Why not put all those people to work building roads and bridges? Lots of the ones we have are falling into ruin, and we don't need any more police, and we damned sure don't need more prisoners.
Aug 3, 2013 10:54am
I am with you, but I don't think everybody will agree with us. The roads are not supposed to be done by the Federal Government. The roads are supposed to be done by private enterprises. We support private business, remember? Government is bad. Not only that, but contractors are not forced any longer to pay decent wages working on government jobs, or benefits for that matter...

Then, if they will keep the police at the same level as Barney Five, they would not need the assault armament they have right now. The gun manufacturers are going to hurt. The gun dealers are going to hurt. There will not be automatic and assault weapons on the market, the American people can't exercise their rights to bear arms, and we would live in anarchy. You see if all the cops would be officers of the peace, there will not be a need for the weapons, and if police would not have weapons, the American citizens would not have this sort of weapons...

So, we are in a catch 22...

You see, the criminals are violent and they have assault weapons. If they did not, the police would not need to be dressed in riot gear, and armed with portable machine guns.

But that would be a real bad decision!
Aug 3, 2013 12:11pm
Well governments always mismanage funds where a private business will either succeed or fail. I did the hvac thing for nearly 8 years for a local government institution, and all there was were mismanaged funds, and then a union to prevent anyone from ever being fired.

Me, I got 4 1/2 months full pay before they could figure out a way to try to fire me, and they succeeded. Since then, I've learned what the private market is like, one has to work much harder, or they lose their job.

It's a terrible thing for a man or woman to go from a not for profit government business to the private world, they'll be in for a huge shock in regards to what is expected of them.

I'm merely suggesting these government employees doing something useful for society, instead of something clearly toxic for not just our society, but for neighboring ones like Mexico.

Our drug prohibition has directly lead to around one hundred thousand murders by drug cartels in Mexico over just the past five or so years...the murders we do know about, I mean.
Aug 3, 2013 7:44pm
I would not say that government always manages funds, while the private business will succeed or fail.

I don't want to put an exclusive screw up mark on the government, vs. the private business. The problem with the rigid structure in government, is their biggest problem, but so is in the big corporations. The bigger the corporation, the bigger the mismanagement and when there are failures the impact are bigger.

The bureaucracy in the government is neither worse, not higher than in a private corporation like AT&T for instance, or like IBM. The difference is that the expectations are different, and the standards are higher. All these companies are supposed to be guided by the same business principles. In the final analysis, a big corporation is an impersonal entity, whose management is as visible as the management in government. Government is not supposed to get in producing things, government is supposed to be the referee supervising those doing the job.

Big corporations are as bad and inefficient as some of the government units, but while we expect everything from government, we forgive anything to private companies even to corporations who are bureaucracies like the government.

The problem is that government should be as effective as a private enterprise at what they do. If they are not, we bitch and want the taken down. If a private corporation is in trouble for mismanagement, the workers are laid off, benefits are terminated, and they may even lose their life savings because the corporation got intro fraudulent deals.
Aug 3, 2013 9:09pm
Well when you get into VERY large corporations, there is hardly a line between them and government. Monsanto has virtually bought the government positions of federal judges and FDA executives for themselves, and our very tax dollars are mis-spent towards subsidizing GMO seeds.

So is Monsanto a private corporation, or merely a part of the government? I'd say it is more a part of the government, but it is under the guise of a private corporation.

Same thing with many other large corporations, they've bought the legislators with bribes and funding of campaigns, and so they truly ARE part of the government, Corrections Corporation of America comes to mind, but there are many many other examples, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, so forth and so on.
Aug 4, 2013 6:38am
I am in agreement with you. However the solution is not in blaming the government. The solution is trying to keep the government what was supposed to be initially, and in trying to separate the corporations from influencing the government.

You know, during the history the big enemies were very well known. They had a face, they had a voice, they had a body. Think Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Attila the Hun, or any other big figure that was considered bad. People could focus their fight against them, and channel their effort against a very human bad guy.

Today our enemy is very elusive and practically untouchable. Sort of an intellectual entity that we are chasing around. We don't really know who they are. Sure we kill a guy here and there and we assume that we are making progress. All we do is chopping of dragon's heads, heads which are popping up a new in a second.

The same thing is happening with the corporations. We don't really know who the brain of the corporation is. The purpose of the corporation is to shield its leadership and to insulated the particular brains who are the wrong doers while the corporation more or less remains intact.

As long as we fight the existence of the government for whatever reason, we will never win.

I am glad you mentioned Lockheed. As incredible as it may seem, it is not an American company any longer. It may operate on the US soil, however it belongs to AirBus where the decisions are made.

The picture is not pretty at all and it will get even worse, because we as humans don't like to reason, we just enjoy selfish goals even if they will destroy us.

Since the beginning of time, humans had the same constant behavior, and they have always been manipulated by a few other humans smart enough to push the rest around in their interest...

I wish I were a drinker, or a drug addict, because after this conversation I can't think of a sane way to regain my good mood for the day!
Aug 4, 2013 9:00am
Well Crin I'd never intend that for you, my friend! It's true that I want to make people mad with some of these things I publish, but not to ruin days or anything.

That all said, I must have changed sides on the mattress twenty times last night, and also had a truly awful nightmare.

I think a family of friends is coming to pick me up when they get out of the church service today; and they want to feed me lunch, and have me look over their air conditioner.

It was at least one hundred and five Fahrenheit here yesterday, and the week is going to be like that. I also got a message from my parents that I'm to call the boss today sometimes, so I guess I have work to do tomorrow as well.

The 5th is my Dad's 67th (or maybe 68th birthday...he can still kick my ass, lol!)...so this is good, I should have some money to buy him a present a few days late, maybe I can think of something to get him now.
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