Did you know that more and more people have made the decision to go without cable? Instead of spending a hefty amount each month in order to keep cable, they’re making other viewing decisions that cost a lot less money and allow them to have access to their favorite shows whenever they want. 

I'll admit, I'm among those people. I'm someone who has decided to give up on traditional television because it's just not worth the investment anymore. I've been without television for four years now, and I have been creative with how I've started to get my content. 

For example, people are utilizing online television services like Netflix and iTunes to get what they need in terms of their favorite shows. Gone are the days where we had to sit and pine for the next episode of a series; we can have an entire series right at our fingertips, with absolutely no delays. We can sit there and watch the whole series in one afternoon if that is what you desire from your life. 

Another reason is because television stations have jumped onto the online craze. They offer their television shows, either through free streaming services like Hulu, or through their own websites. That way, you can see those network shows without having to be in front of your television at a specific time on a specific day, no questions asked. It makes it much easier to enjoy your favorite shows, while not having to schedule your entire life around them. Sounds much more convenient doesn't it? It really is. 

Another reason that people are cutting TV is because the internet provides options that aren't necessarily related to watching TV. You don’t necessarily have to watch TV online to find the benefits. There are tons of games that you can enjoy online, or you can watch fun videos on YouTube, you can read articles from your favorite news sources (which is problematic to news companies in some ways) and mess around on social media with those you love. There’s just an endless number of things for you to enjoy there; why would you waste your time and money on cable when you have the internet? 

If this opinion becomes more widespread over time, that may be the case and cable companies may have to change the way that they sell to their clientele. As time goes on, cable companies are starting to take note of these changes, and they realize that they're going to have to keep up with it in order to keep making money. But how would they do this? What could cable companies do in order to stop the number of people that are giving up on traditional television. 

Here's one thought for you to consider: Might it finally get to the point where cable companies allow us to "pick and choose" what content we want, instead of making us pay for across the board channels? Will cable companies consider making it easier for us to pick and choose, since we've basically stepped around them and made our own ways to do exactly that? They may not, because a lot of them are money-hungry and they are less inclined to do anything that will make them lose money, but you may start to see this trend in the near future if this trend continues. 

Do you think that all of this excitement over streaming movies and television shows will be the death of cable? As more people choose streaming sources and other internet options over traditional cable, will it become increasingly difficult for cable companies to keep up? Are you one of those people who has decided to forgo cable in order to save  money and time?