Make the most of your time.


1. Influences

People are highly influenced by the people and environment around them.  Many say and believe that our very personalities are formed by the people we have met in our lives, and the environments that we have lived in.  People just don't believe that they can be more than what they currently are because of their past and present situation.  The key to overcoming this challenge is to change the things that are around you so that you are not susceptible to negative influences.  If you are around bad people, find someone else, if you are in a bad environment, move!  A good saying is that you become who you are around.  Put yourself in good company, people who are MORE successful than you are, and you'll be surprised to see how quickly your results change.


2. Lack of confidence

It's much easy for people to think of reasons why they can't do something, instead of why they can and should not pass up the great opportunities that lay before them.  People are quick to create imaginary scenarios and instances that alter their perception into believing that the task they want to complete is impossible.

This may be a result of a bad experience that they have had with someone telling them that they can't do something, or a past event where they experienced some kind of failure.

Gain more confidence by taking one step at a time.  How do you think babies learn to crawl, one hand in front of the other.  Too many people take one step forward and two steps back.


3. No vision

There's been too many people when I asked them 'What is your dream?", only to have them respond to me by saying "I don't know".  A lot of people lack focus, and this is a sad but common trait among most people today.  If you haven't already, it's time to start thinking of your goals.  People are too concerned with what other people are doing that they become blind to what THEY want to do.


4. Fear

Fear is definitely a troublesome factor that contributes to laziness.  Some are not even aware that they are experiencing fear in some area, which is not allowing them to produce the kind of work that they want to do.  Some things that people are afraid of are:

1. Fear of working hard to achieve something

2. Fear of failing, especially when others will take notice

3. Fear of what others may think of you

4. Afraid of change


[ It's much better to work to change, so it's better to stay where I am now. ]


5. Procrastination


The internet can be a great place, but as uncle Ben from Spiderman once said "With great power, comes great responsibility".  The internet is a very powerful tool, that has become virtually accessible to anyone with a computer and connection.  The thing that is bad is that people are too easily distracted by things like listening to music, watching videos, going on social media sites, and instant messaging when they could be making better use of their time.

Looking for busy work

There's plenty of time when people will willingly look for busy work to do, so that they can appear to be doing something that is productive.  An example of this is telling others things that you HAVE to get done so that you can waste more time not doing the thing you were talking to them about.


6. People want OTHERS to solve their 'problems'

Everyone wants others to solve their problems for them because it's much easier than committing to the hard work it takes to achieving your goals.