Say that you were a new business-owner. Maybe you had a new product that was in somewhat high demand or perhaps you were selling something tried and true. No matter what the case, you may not realize just how easy it is to get lost in the advertising game. Take your time to really think about whether you need to advertise and how you need to advertise.

Why Should You Use Pole Banners vs. Other Means?

So you’ve never advertised using pole banners before so you aren’t entirely sure as to why you should bother. After all, there have got to be better means, right? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Consider it this way:

There are people who flip their channels during commercials. Meaning that they watch probably about two seconds of your channel—if it’s the first or last commercial in the lineup. If not, they miss it entirely. Then there are a few people who don’t even watch television—in which case, you’re pretty much advertising to the walls. This is a waste of your money and, quite frankly, if you’re a new business owner, this it the last thing that you need.

Then you have the problem of newspaper ads. Let’s face it—they’re nice, they look nice, but most people don’t use newspaper ads unless they are older. Those who are older may not be as willing to check into a new establishment. Think about this as you advertise.

Next, let’s face it—how expensive is a CHEAP commercial? It’s not normally that cheap, even for one that’s short, not really great, with no sound effects. Needless to say, you can choose between a banner that costs maybe fifty or a little more—or you can choose to buy a commercial for much more than that. Newspaper ads add up pretty expensively as well. Whereas you can buy a banner that’ll last you five or so years.

Why pole banners?

Pole banners are awesome because you can use them pretty much anywhere—they aren’t as limited as other banners. Not to mention that you can put them up in all sorts of places. And let’s face it—with a pole banner, you’re SURE to catch everyone’s attention! Especially those who are driving or walking around. Just make sure that the banner you create is attractive and eye-catching! It’s as easy as taking a walk!