Dogs Shot By Cops And No Repercussions For The Killer Cops Are On The Rise

Dogs Shot By Police

In the past 50 years zero police have been killed by dogs

So why, exactly, are the police killing everyone's dog?


Why Are The Police Killing Our Dogs?

All over the USA, and no matter where you might be in this old world, there is no better friend to the people of planet Earth than a GOOD police officer.  Without the police, the streets might well run red with blood and mayhem would likely be the way of the world.  The problem here is that only GOOD police officers are friends of the people, and all over the USA, police officers are increasingly a BAD lot.  There is no worse ENEMY to the people of any nation than a violent and abusive police officer, and here in the USA, we are seeing the ranks of violent cops swell.  If the increase in numbers of bad cops isn't real, and is only the imagination of someone like myself, and the rest of us seeing what I am seeing, well, then the truth is the unpunished acts of the few bad cops out there is increasing very noticeably.

I've got a very strong opinion about this.  I do NOT care what any cop, or his wife, or whatever thinks about it.  I firmly believe that any cop who shoots any dog that wasn't in the process of tearing flesh off of either the cop in question, or someone else, is NOTHING MORE than a criminal, and a VIOLENT criminal at that.  A cop who shoots a dog for fun, and that is the ONLY explanation that I can come up with about the new and increasingly disturbing phenomenon, is only a violent criminal, and isn't it something we ALL KNOW to speak the next thing here?  Someone who kills an animal for fun is likely to develop into a serial killer[1].

If you think I'm being a bit vile here, and that I am defaming the brave men and women in blue, then step back a minute, and let me tell you something again.  There is nothing brave about shooting a dog that isn't attacking yourself or someone else.  What there is, is a glut of police cowardice.  That's right, every cop that shoots a dog that isn't attack his or herself, or someone else, is nothing more, and nothing less, than a violent criminal coward.  Let me say it one more time, a cop shooting a dog that isn't attacking someone, is nothing more than a coward, and a criminal on top of it.  Do I care that they've got a badge and a gun?  Hell no!  A coward is still a coward, and a criminal is still a criminal, and it doesn't matter what manner of uniform, badge, or firearm they carry, or how many cowards dressed in blue stand behind them and refuse to man up, or woman up and call someone out on their future serial killer like behavior.  It is, my friends, and American sickness of cowardice in blue that we the people had best get on top of right here, and right now.  Oh hey, it is only your child, your grandchild, and your son, your daughter that wind up shot, and nothing done about it for cowards behinds shields and dressed in blue, otherwise. Do you hear me now?

What I am telling you here is that if you or your loved one is a police officer, and has shot a dog that was attacking no one, your family member is a disgrace to the human race, the citizens of the United States of America, and to, well, you.  I just don't want to be ambiguous at all.  I want to be clear.  There is an increase in police violence in the USA[3], and if you have an honor in your family, then you'll make certain your family's police individual is an honorable man or woman.  You'll have to do some things, things like insist your police individual isn't an honorable man or woman, and isn't someone who serves the community...if they kill dogs by orders, or for pleasure, or to see the torturous pain in the dog owner's eyes while their bleeding to death dog lays dying due to police gunshot, and police smiles of future serial killer satisfaction.  I'm not asking much.

A Grieving Dog Owner After A Cop Shot The Dog

Cop Shoots Dog For Fun

It's Up To US To STOP Police From Shooting Dogs, And Allowing Them To Stay In Our Communities Afterwards

Now, I'm a fair and reasonable guy. I do a lot of thinking, and I realize you might just possibly think that me saying cops are shooting dogs for fun is just wrong.  Well, I agree, I might be wrong, it might be more that cops are shooting dogs merely to see the pain and horror in the eyes of the dog owners.  In short, I'm suggesting that maybe instead of shooting dogs for fun, cops are shooting dogs to torture the owners of the dogs.  Isn't that a reasonable and fair assumption?  I think it is.  There is, of course, no other fair, logical, or reasonable explanations that I can come up with, and are police departments punished for their dog murders?  No, in fact, seeing as how dog killing by cops is an increasing nationwide trend[2], it must be that police departments are encouraging the shooting of dogs for fun, for pleasure, and for the sheer love of seeing the anguish in the dying animal's eyes, and the owner's eyes.

Now, I understand you might think I am not being rational, responsible, or reasonable.  Well, I am all about rationality, reason, responsibility, and besides that, logic.  So I am going to take a moment so that you know that I am a reasonable man.  I'm going to imagine that my son, my daughter, my mother, or my father, or maybe even my sister or brother is a cop that was just following orders, regulations, protocols, and procedures, and that either my son or daughter, sister or brother, wife, mother or a cop, that shot a dog that wasn't doing anything to anyone.  You ready?  Okay.  I have used my reason, my rationality, my logic, and my responsibility, and I have now concluded that if my son or daughter, sister or brother, mother or father was a cop, and shot a dog that wasn't attacking someone, that my mother or father, sister or brother, son or nothing but a violent criminal, a piece of human filth, scum, and a coward.  Got it?  Do you have it now?  Are we loud and clear?  Do we capiche?

Star - The New York Pit Bull Shot By Police

Star, The Pit Bull Who Survived An Assault By Violent Police

Recently in nearby Rains County, Texas[4] a dairy farmer was robbed.  The robbers had stolen the man's guns.  He reported the crime to the local Sheriff's department, who sent out a deputy to check it out.  The deputy illegally entered the man's home, and shot his dog in the back.  The veterinarian's report said the dog was shot in the back, wasn't even facing the deputy when the deputy shot the dog.  The dog did not die, it lay their whimpering. The owner approached, the deputy ran to his car, from the loud speaker he bravely told the persons who'd just been robbed, who he'd added insult to injury for shooting their dog - to not come close to his cruiser.

I personally called the sheriff's office three days straight, put links everywhere I knew to on the web.  Adding insult to insult to injury, the deputy was fired.  Thing was, the sheriff never once admitted that his deputy had done anything wrong by illegally entering a home, and shooting the home owner's dog in the back.  He said they fired the deputy because the deputy's life was in danger from the public.  The deputy's life SHOULD be in danger from the public, as the public in no way should EVER tolerate a deputy or city policeman or any sort of federal police shooting their dog.  Lets hope the former deputy is prosecuted for animal cruelty, as he should be.

Police Shoot 7 Year Old Labrador at a 9 year old's Birthday Party.