Animal Experiments


It has just come to light that in 2010 experiment's on kitten's were taking place apparently to be able to help cure the condition"Lazy Eye"in people? How close is the likeness of a kitten's eye to a human?They are saying that people with lazy eyes can become totally blind? Surely there is a surgical way to amend the "Lazy Eye" with all the developement's in medicine.It used to be way back in time that people wore a patch over the good eye to encourage the "Lazy Eye"to rectify itself,and as you are unlikely to see this anymore one would of thought the lazy eye  had been cured?So what does a kitten have in common with a human apart from have front facing eye's? For this experiment they sewed up one of the kitten's eye's,this is dreadful,even though the representative of the company who undertook this experiment tried to make it sound more acceptable by saying that the Kitten's were put to sleep under anesthetic while having the eye sewed up,and once brought around didn't seem in any kind of trauma.How did they know that the kitten was not distressed? of course it would be,only being able to open one eye i am sure that they would is just the same as the patch over the eye situation,and as the Kittens didn't have a lazy eye how on earth can anything of importance be gained from this horrible experiment? It is really sickening as after they thought they had discovered some information of worth,they killed the Kittens this is terrible!

If they wish to find cure's or do tests to enable the scientist's to test new medicines or practice's we have prisons holding people doing life without parole as they are such a threat to society,surely apart from their warped mind's they are human as such so it would make more sense to experiment on these people,as we are paying to enable them to sit in prison and they forfeited their life when took someone elses life or what other heinous crime they committed to end up in prison.So as you cannot get closer a human than a human they should grab a few of these people out of the litter bin of life and test on them,and stop this barbaric treatment of innocent animals.