women like parking spaces

Why Are Women Like Parking Spaces?

As soon are you read the title why are women like parking spaces, you will expect a derogatory answer. You will be thinking some sexist men are trying too hard to be funny. There are many variants to the question and answer why are women like parking spaces. The most common answer is that women are like parking spaces because all the good ones are taken. That been said, there are other answers that are sexist and vulgar in nature. That is not the aim of this article.

Are women really like parking spaces?

Robbie Williams once said in one of his song that all the beautiful women are married and all the handsome men are gay. Is that really true? With most jokes and generalization, there is always a hint of truth derived from observation. With regards to why women are like parking spaces, you need to be a little bit observant to find out if there is a hint of truth in the declaration. If you were to go into a busy shopping mall, the best parking spaces are very close to the entrance of the shopping mall. That can also be the case when it comes to women and parking space. If you see a pretty woman and you feel like chatting her up, there is a big chance that she is already married or that the woman already has a boyfriend. There is also the possibility that she is gay. That really leaves you with little option than to move ahead a find a parking space further up.

Parking space that is far off.

Why are women like parking space? Another angle to the discussion is that women that are far off are women you don't really want. It is just like having to park your car at the other end of the mall's parking space. It requires more effort and the parking space might be difficult to navigate. The same thing can be said of women when you think of those who carry a heavy emotional baggage. The choice is either to use that parking spaces or wait for a better parking space to become free. Some men just take the risk and get hooked to a woman with problems or difficulties. Later, they have to struggle carrying the shopping all the way to the car. That is the same when you have to struggle with the decision you've already made. In that sense women are like parking space.

Why are women like parking spaces and disabled parking space?

Why are women like parking spaces and disabled parking space? There are those who are unscrupulous enough to use a parking space for disabled people because it is convenient and closer to the mall's entrance. That can be compared to men who take advantage of vulnerable women and use them because it is convenient. Some men will also visit street prostitutes for instant gratification. Most of them know that it is against the law just like using a disabled parking space when you are obviously not disabled. If you can stoop so low, you are probably mentally disabled.

Are women like parking space?

The analogy has a hint of truth but the idea is main derogatory. If you want to tell this joke, make sure you like you answer to the following: Why are women like parking space? Women are like parking spaces because all the best ones are already taken.

What about women who are not already taken or single?

It is said that women are like parking spaces because the good ones are already taken. What if you are a single woman? Does it mean you are not desirable? Does it mean you are like the parking space nobody wants?