Driving a fast car or an expensive car has always been synonymous with success and fame. If you have ever been behind the wheel or a Ferrari or a Porsche, you know that the experience is not for mere mortals. The feeling of accomplishment and uniqueness are uncanny. Teenagers grasp the concept better. Getting a driver's license is a symbol of independence and for boys, a transition to manhood. Teenagers feel they could do almost anything just because they've learned to drive. If the feeling is so exhilarating, why do some feel frighten by the idea of sitting behind the wheel? Why are they afraid of driving?

People are afraid of driving for many reasons. Here are a few:

Accident: Some people are afraid of driving because they think they might cause an accident or that they might kill someone. If you think about the number of people killed in road accidents every day, you will understand why it can be daunting for some to get behind the wheels.

Lack of attention: If you are always thinking of something else instead of concentrating on the road, then, it is understandable that you might be afraid of driving. Driving requires attention and a constant state of awareness. You need to be always safety conscious.

Creative Imagination: There are others who are afraid of driving because their imagination makes them afraid. They imagine a meteorite will drop from the sky and go through the wind screen. They may also imagine that a child might cross the road and be killed. Other are afraid of getting lost and never finding the way back home. Some imagine that their car might break down and they might be attacked by a serial killer.

Lack of space aware: There are people who are unable to feel their way around their car. That is to say they are unable to judge the distance between their car and the car in front of them. They will be unable to park their car or drive through a busy road without breaking off the side mirrors. Those who lack space awareness might feel unable to drive safely to their destination.

History: If you have been through a car accident, you might suffer from post traumatic stress. This might prevent you from taking the wheel. You might feel inadequate and might be afraid of things that you used to do. Family history can also contribute to how you feel about driving. If your parents were dangerous drivers and frequently got into accidents, it might have an impact on the way you view cars and driving. You might be afraid of driving because of this, without even realizing it.

Age: The older you get the more difficult and tedious driving might be. You might lack the same vitality you had in your youth. You might get tired and find it difficult to concentrate. With age, you will likely become nervous and impatient behind the wheels. This can contribute to the fear you experience whilst driving.

Teacher aka driving instructor: Another reason why people are afraid of driving is due to the type of instructor they had. It has always been said that husbands should not teach their wives how to drive. They will both get angry and likely never achieve their goal. If you have a driving instructor that instills fear in you, it will hinder your progress and might contribute to the fear you have of driving.