Do You Just Like Punishing Yourself ?

Why are you writing all those articles? Do you possess some information that is so critical you feel obligated to spend your valuable time putting it into words? Are you convinced that your views on a particular subject need to be articulated so the mass of misinformed people in the world will realize how wrong their views are?

 Perhaps you have had success in some field and wish to help others advance by giving back a little of what you have learned. You may have decided to turn your passion for the written word into a business and you are writing hundreds of articles in an effort to earn income from each one as it is published.

 Maybe your goal is to socialize with other like minded folks and find new and interesting associations with new online friends.

 What evScribblesCredit: your goal or motives in most cases you are just wasting your time. Those thousands of words you craft into articles for your personal websites or to submit to article directories or social sites will never be found or read.

Perhaps You Like Wasting Time?

It does not matter if the articles are well written or contain some of the best information on a particular topic or product. The truth is if the article is not found it can't be read. Unfortunately the internet does not adhere to the, Build it and they will come", or "write it and they will read it", business ideal.

 Before you write your next article consider these trends. Suppose you have decided to write an article about blueberry pancakes. You do a little quick keyword research and find that the keyword phrase gets 30 views a day according to Google's keyword tool.

 Not too bad you think. That seems like pretty good traffic. In reality this is what actually happens with those 30 potential views a day.

 If you are fortunate and your article lands in the first position on the first page of a Google search you could expect to have about 50% of those 30 viewers to click on your link and view your article. Just 13 or 14 viewers a day.

 If you are in position 2 or 3 you could expect to split about 25% of those 30 clicks. We are now down to around 2 or 3 clicks per day. So the top 3 positions would split about 75% of the 30 clicks leaving the last 7 positions to share the remaining 25% of that 30 view per day traffic. A Pile Of Article FilesCredit: is easy to tell how much traffic your article will receive if it does not make the first page at all.

 If your article does not reach one of the top 3 positions your daily traffic will only be a dribble or nothing at all. To complicate things even more is the potential conversion rate. How many of those viewers that find your article will actually click on a paying link on your article page?

 Whether it is an Adsense ad, Amazon product link or some other paying link your conversion rate might only be 1/2 to 1%. So even if all 30 of those potential viewers reached your article perhaps only 1 or none of them would click a paying link on any given day.

 After considering these trends it should be clear that if your primary keyword for an article does not have sufficient search volume and low competition you are in effect wasting your time writing articles except for perhaps the pleasure of seeing your name in print as an author.

 Writing as a business is not necessarily the same as writing for pleasure. It is the same with any passion. You might take great pleasure in making beautiful prints of gorgeous seashells found along the beaches of Sanibel Island, Florida. But if you are a professional photographer and putting food on the table means you must sell those prints then there are certain tasks you must perform.

 You will need to submit your samples to potential publishers. Possibly set up a website or go to eBay and attempt to sell your prints directly. Simply producing beautiful prints while giving great satisfaction will not give your mortgage lender much confidence in your ability to honor your obligations. In other words producing the work while important is only part of any business.

 That photographer would first have to decide what prints are in demand. It would be a waste of time for him to make prints of subjects that no one is ready to buy. The same is true for article authors.

 Spending time producing beautiful articles that no one is searching for may give you pleasure but may not produce much income. When you write for the internet your article agents and potential publishers are keywords. Proper keywords are one of the main tracks to article income.

 We are in fact very fortunate as authors to have the internet as our outlet. Consider how much work must be undertaken by off line authors to find outlets for their product. The internet offers much greater potential and we don't even need to pay postage to get our product in front of agents or publishers.

 We do however need to spend more time searching out high traffic, low competition keyword phrases. In almost all cases we will spend more time doing keyword research than time spent crafting articles. But to be successful it is necessary.

 As Internet Authors We Have Many Opportunities

We are blessed to have the internet as an outlet as authors but it will not reward us if we take it for granted and publish without research. This also means that we may not be profitable if we continue to only write about subjects we enjoy. If the proper keywords indicating that a sufficient number of potential customers are searching for that information are not found then we takAuthor(72333)Credit: the risk of sending our articles to some forlorn database server in a dark, dusty Google warehouse.

 This article is a perfect example. I have not taken the time to do any keyword research. I have not attempted to put a primary keyword in the title or spread it throughout the article. It was actually written as a response to a question asked in the Infobarrel forum. So many times when I feel that I might be able to add an opinion to a forum post I am shortly writing an article instead of a forum post.

I have Not Followed My Own Advice

So I would not expect this article to gain mush exposure. That was not the intent. I wish only to offer another opinion regarding the tasks needed to be a successful article author and perhaps encourage discussion which may help others who have the ambition and drive but may be tempted to give up because success is slow in coming.

 Write It And They Will Come, if you give them the keys to your articles. Those keys are words. More specifically keywords and keyword phrases. They are many times very difficult to find and will use up much of your time but when you find the proper keywords your written words will be blessed with the success you have worked so hard to achieve.

I Could Save this Article Yet

Perhaps some day I will rewrite this article after performing the proper keyword research and compare the original to the rework. It could be interesting.

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