Not all reverse phone searches are created equal, especially when it comes to cost. Many people will scour the web for "free" reverse phone searches. There are free and paid reverse phone searches: if the phone number in questions is a publicly listed landline, then you can generally ascertain information about the owner of the number for free. However, if you want to conduct a reverse cell phone number look up or search an unlisted number, you will have to pay to access the more detailed owner information. Here's a look at the reasons why.

Cell Phones and Landlines are Different

Landline phone numbers are considered public information, and therefore, information about the owner can be accessed by anyone. These numbers and sets of information can be found in public phone books and the like. On the other hand, cell phone numbers are considered to be private information, which means access is limited. Owner information for cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers cannot be accessed for free anywhere, and so to perform a reverse phone search for these numbers, you will have to pay a small fee.

Reverse Phone Searches Must Purchase Cell Phone Information

In order for a reverse phone search company to access a cell phone's ownership information, it will need to pay a fee. Most reverse phone search companies must purchase cell phone and unlisted numbers and their owner information in the form of compiled databases. This fee, along with any other charges that the company has, will then be passed down to the consumer before you can access the information.

However, any reverse phone search company that charges a fee for looking up publicly listed landline numbers is charging you for free information. You should aim to avoid these types of companies and websites.

Determining the Cost

If you are unsure as to whether or not a phone number is a landline or a cell, then you can try to conduct a reverse phone search on the number. Most reverse cell phone number look up companies will give you information on whether the number is a landline or a cell/unlisted number, and also the location of the number.

If it is a cell phone, then you have two options: attempt to do a search yourself or pay to do a reverse cell phone number look up. If you have a feeling that the number is from someone you know, you can try to narrow down who it might be based on the information you have. For example, you can try to use the location of the number to try to deduce who it belongs to. Also try searching through your own personal records, social networking sites, or personal web pages to find out who the number belongs to. If you still can't figure out who is calling you, it would be best to pay for a reverse phone search. They are relatively inexpensive and can put your mind at ease if the unidentified numbers are really bugging you.

I hope this article helps you with your phone and people search needs. Happy searching!