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Astonishment took hold of me the first time I discovered there was such a thing as artificial bonsai trees. I had always thought that the main reason you purchase a live tree was for the benefit of exercising your creativity and to be part of a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

My hard line stance eased a little bit after talking to a friend of mine who explained that she loved the look of traditional bonsai trees but didn't have time for the attention they required. She had made a serenity room for what little time she got off from work to relax and relieve some stress, and wanted to include these trees in her design but didn't want to have to deal with the constant upkeep. I eventually decided that I couldn't blame someone for wanting such a beautiful piece of Mother Nature, even if they are artificial.

Artificial Bonsai Trees and Their Benefits

When you choose to buy an artificial bonsai tree you'll find that it has many benefits over its living counterpart with very few drawbacks. A few of the major ones include:

not having to worry about pruning,
shaping the tree by using wire,
stripping the bark,
proper temperature and humidity,
watering and

You will also not have to worry about spending a good amount of money buying the specialty bonsai tools used by enthusiasts to help your tree survive. The only thing you really have to worry about with artificial bonsai trees is to dust them off every once in a while.

Variety and Quality Is Common With Artificial Bonsai

If you think that artificial bonsai trees will look fake and corny then you are in for a real surprise. Many of these replica trees are very hard to tell apart from the real thing. They come in enough variety to satisfy even the most hard core bonsai aficionado with a huge variety of popular species, shapes and sizes. Many are even made out of Luna clay which allows you to twist and move the limbs of the tree into any style you wish. Let's take a look at a few of the choices that are available.

• Raised roots or root over rock bonsai trees are definitely in demand.
• Just as the pine tree is popular for live trees, there is a huge variety of pines available for artificial bonsai trees and many make use of preserved tree trunks.
• Blooming trees such as cherry, azalea, crabapple, orange, bougainvillea, plum, pomegranate, lemon, pyracantha, prunus, grapevine and golden shower have always been popular with bonsai growers and they are just as popular in artificial form. Most of these have beautifully painted blooms and are made from Luna clay allowing for flexible branches.
• Other artificial tree species used for bonsai include Chinese elm, cedar, boxwood, ficus and Japanese maple.

In Closing

Plants (artificial or living) can play a huge role in brightening up a room and you will find that bonsai in particular will garner a lot of attention by visitors. They can fit almost anywhere and bring a real sense of peace to any apartment, office or study. An artificial bonsai tree will provide all of the eye candy and none of the work; just be sure to get the most realistic one available and it will repay you in years of happiness.

Bonsai photograph by Ragesoss