Why Asians Look so YoungCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Why Asians Look so Young"

Have you ever talked to someone who happens to be Asian, and when their age comes up, it almost always comes as a complete shock? 

This has happened to me more then once. I will meet someone from China, Vietnam, or Japan, and when we exchange ages, it turns out they're quite a bit older than me. They may look my age, but they aren't anywhere close to my age.

It's surprising to me how someone who is thirty five can look like a twenty two year old, or a sixty year old can look forty. And then I ask myself these questions; what are they doing that I should be doing before I reach their age? What is their secret to keeping their skin so fresh and young looking?


Asian DietCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Asian Diet

Over here in North America, we eat a lot of products that have processed ingredients. We also consume high quantities of dairy, carbs, and red meat. The way we cook our food doesn't help us either. 

When my husband went over to China to teach English a few years ago, he found that he was able to lose weight faster... and he was still out eating all of the Asian men. And when he came back to the states, his system reacted violently to the food he ate afterwards. 

So much of our food isn't on our side when it comes to aging. However, if you look at the Japanese for instance, their diet is only working for them. They eat a large serving of vegetables and fruits, omega 3 rich fish, and soy products. Also, another key component to their diet is what they drink. Alcohol, which can age you, is less consumed over there. They actually take in several cups of green tea in a day. Green tea has many wonderful benefits for your body, from cancer and disease prevention, to aiding in the aging process. 

So many of the Asian diets are wonderful for keeping you healthy on the inside, but also keeping you healthy on the outside as well.


Asian Skin CareCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Asian Skincare"

If you visit California's sunny beaches, you'll notice many young girls laying out in the sun to get a tan. If you don't have one and you're sporting a bikini, you may be seen as a bit strange.

It's so common over here to see darker skin as being more beautiful. We have tanning products for those who can't tan and tanning beds for those who don't have time. It's a sun worshiping culture here in America and other caucasian countries. But that couldn't be further from the truth in many Asian cultures. 

Over in certain countries such as Korea, Japan, or China, having fain skin is seen as attractive. Girls especially are seen using many different types of skin products, protective clothing, umbrellas to shield themselves, and sunscreen. The idea of looking young and staying young is a key point to having light skin. 

Also think about their desire to have pale skin. Over here many caucasians have pale skin, and so they try their hardest to have darker skin. But over there, they are able to get darker easier, and so they want a lighter complexion. People want what they can't have, and in doing this, the Asians are leading a more healthy lifestyle.


Asian LifestyleCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Asian Lifestyle"

The lifestyle from no matter what country can be fast paced. But in different Asian countries, they tend to make sure their lifestyle is balanced. So with competitive hard work, comes a great healthy meal.

And if needed, they will meditate to calm and keep their spirit peaceful. It's important to have balance to them, it's a big part of their culture. So even if you're a busy workman or woman, you need to find time to be tranquil and calm your mind.

Apart from diet and meditation, they also keep their stamina up. Unlike many western cultures that use cars to get everywhere, they walk or ride a bike as their transportation. This can be a healthy way to stay fit, and when you stay fit, you're able to age more gracefully. 


Asian EnvironmentCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Asian Environment"

A lot of the time, we are living in a much drier climate, which contributes to drier skin. Many Asian countries, especially in south eat Asia, are more humid, which helps to keep the skin moist. And when it has more moisture, you're less likely to form wrinkles and flaky skin.  


Asian GeneticsCredit: Photo by Pixabay

Photo by Pixabay "Asian Genetics" 

Now beyond these different factors, genetics might be playing a good part in this. Certain Asian people have been living this sort of lifestyle for generations. They have fixed their biological makeup to match what people have been doing for years.

We must also take into account that Asians have more subcantaneous fat. This type of fat is found just beneath the skin and can help give them a more smooth and youthful looking face (baby skin if you will).

So many people have become frustrated at the idea that they aren't able to keep their appearances up. Their wrinkles become a dominate feature of their body. But if we adopt a healthy lifestyle that will keep up disease free and our body in shape, this will help us with our aging process. Then we too can allow ourselves to age more gracefully. And with the aging, less negative health factors won't be much of a factor as we gain in years.