Riddle Me This...(^_^)

WARNING! This article was written to reconstruct the thinking processes.

For as long as anyone can remember riddles have always been used to measures a person’s intelligence. Since the time of Ancient Egyptians riddles seem to be harder and harder to 
find. My question to you is why are good questions harder to find? Now before you start your quest to find mysterious questions make sure you remember two things. Questions need Answers and Answers can be Questions.

Now I will be the first to admit I am not a Sphinx nor will I penalize you for having theRubix Cube(113721)Credit: http://technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/touchscreen-rubiks-cube.jpg wrong answer. Although in some cases this was the end result for individuals who accepted these inquisitive challenges. The illusions behind these obstacles are that we want to believe there are infinite answers. The fact of the matter is that answers are definite. For example even illusions have reflections in mirrors. If you can’t see something with your eyes try using your other natural senses.

All it means is that the definitions we define gives us infinite subscribers which are also known as synonyms. A great example would be trying to pronounce the whole alphabet. Since no one has actually set up a universal expression it is safe to say there isn’t a way to say the whole alphabet at once even though we know there is a right way. By now your most likely interested to accept this challenge and by all means enjoy yourself. After all it’s not every day a new riddle is made rather a riddle is remembered for that day.

Perhaps this is the reason why enigmas are so attracting to us. The idea is electrifying making us want to gravitate towards its alluring epicenter. For all we know it could be a dark whole. This is a funny way of looking at information due to the fact it can only be collected and never summarized completely. Who knows maybe the best resource is the one left unknown.Rubix SphereCredit: http://twistypuzzles.com/museum/large/03438-01.jpg

Here is my 4 Step Process to create your own Riddles.

1st Separate all opinions from facts. (Your Objective and Subjective must be defined clearly.)

2nd Treat every thought as its very own idea. (Write down your observations and try your best to explain your thinking process.)

3rd Write your observations in the form of answers and questions. (Make them both True and False)

4th Select an event in which the answer can only be found while thinking about the Past, Present and Future. (All answers will seem false even if they are all true.)