Emu Oil really is an amazing natural wonder, used by many people around the world for its myriad of health benefits, beauty benefits and skin care applications. It is only natural that many have taken to this product and use it in there daily health routine, from normal consumers to celebrities alike. So why is this product said to be better produced and made in Australia? The answer is simpPure Emu Oil Value PackCredit: http://www.emustore.com/pure-value-pack-p-74.htmlle.

When you look at why Emu Oil is better produced in Australia in comparison to elsewhere it is best to look at the animal first, the Emu. The Emu is native to australia, to the desert landscape and environment, so the oil that protects the Emu from these harsh elements in this environment is not changed by climate or different conditions.

Secondly most Australian Emu's are farmed on large properties as land is no issue in Australia so they are allowed to roam free and do what the animal would do in there natural environment. When i am referring to large enclosures they can be anywhere from a 1000 acres all the way to 10's of thousands of acres. This reduces stress for the Emu so in turn it keeps doing what it normally does and the Oil content produced is high in all vitamins and omegas that a customer wants.

Thirdly, Australia Emu Oil is rendered and filtered to the highest quality pure so that it is clean and still contains high amounts of all the benefits one needs.

This is all the elements that are so important in how the product works on the skin or on the body from reducing arthritis, to healing cuts, bruises, to reducing wrinkles, hair loss, acne, skin rashes and many many more.. As well as to inlcude the elements and benefits when taking the oil in capsule form or internally ( *for taking internally only use edible grade pure oil ).

With many tests and studies, Emu Oil made in Australia was found to be higher in Omegas, higher in essential nutrients and higher in the anti inflammatory properties, thus showing how all these factors above can effect it.

So next time your thinking of purchasing pure emu oil, your thoughts should be on Australian made. And most of the time it is cheaper purchased online in Australia as well.