It is a technology driven world and it is proven each day as the majority of people use some sort of technological gadget to do their work, or connect with their friends. It is only natural that many would look to the internet and technology to find someone special to have a relationship with.  However this is probably not the best method to find a mate for life.  Some people might find the connection they are looking for in this manner but there are too many chances to make mistakes in this situation.  There are too many good reasons to avoid online dating.

 There are preconceived ideas that we each have when it comes to ourselves and our potential mate that can be detrimental to starting a relationship through an online service. When dating profiles are filed out people are less than honest about themselves and what they are looking for. In many cases the images that are used are years old and are not a true representation of what a person looks like right now. 

We all have a little bit of crazy in our personality and one of the first rules of dating is to keep the crazy under control until we are sure that someone will accept us. Then it is alright to let a little bit of that weirdness out. Some people collect stamps, some are New York Jets fans. Online dating forces people to put their personal weirdness behind the curtain and never let it see the light of day. This can lead to many awkward first dates and long term relationship failures.

It seems that with all of the time and money people are willing to invest on finding a date online, people could have a lot more fun just spending that effort on doing the things that they like. If you simply put the effort into doing what you are passionate about then people would come into your life that has similar interests to you.

If skiing is your thing, then ski as often as possible and there will be other people that you will naturally connect with. These are organic connections that will have more substance to them than an online dating profile could ever hope to achieve. Finding a relationship begins with having a healthy relationship with yourself. So save your money and the embarrassment of putting your life on display and follow your passion in life. The great relationship you are looking for is out there looking for you as well.