Babysitters, especially reliable and competent individuals, are fast becoming more rare in all areas. How many times have you heard someone ask “Where can I find a babysitters in my area?” There are usually several teens in any given area who are willing to earn a little extra spending money, but you may not want someone this age to care for your children. You may be looking for someone a little older who can accommodate you and the hours you might need. Teens are in school during the day, and this may be the time you need a sitter. How do you go about locating someone reliable right in your general area?


Get the word out! The more people you talk to, the better the chances of locating a babysitter will be. Networking like this is an excellent way to locate what you are looking for, and this includes people who are job seeking in this area. Someone knows someone else, who in turn may have heard from another friend that a babysitter is offering his or her services. A friend of yours may employ a babysitter who might know of another available person. Sometimes word of mouth is the best form of advertising. You may be getting more phone calls than you can handle after a while.


People are returning to work in droves, driving the demand up for really good babysitters who are able to work many hours each week. If all you need is someone to come in once in a while so you can have a few hours away, you should have no difficulty finding someone to accommodate you. Older teens normally do this in the evenings or on weekends. Your next door neighbor may be the perfect choice for some short term sitting.

If you work full-time, you may have a little harder time locating someone who is able and willing to work the same hours as you. You may have to bring your children to their home, and many parents would much prefer their kids stay in their own home and have the babysitter come there.


You can always advertise for help in any local newspaper, stating that you need a babysitter from your area, and this may help you get some applicants, also. The only problem with doing it this way is that you actually never know who is going to apply, and you have to be very careful and thorough about doing a background check, as opposed to hiring someone you already know quite well. Even then, you might want to investigate any person you are considering, no matter how well recommended they are. When it comes to your children, you should never leaves things to chance.


Perhaps there is a member of your immediate family who would be willing to work for you. An aunt, cousin, or other relative may welcome the chance to work the hours you need. Sometimes, even grandparents will jump at the chance to care for their grandchildren, and this can often work out very well for all concerned. Pay them the going rate for babysitters, the same as you would for anyone else, although chances are they will refuse to accept the money. It is always a good idea to pay any relative you hire, as they are performing a service for you, thus avoiding any conflict in the future.


If you absolutely cannot locate anyone in your immediate area by using the above methods, go online to look for babysitting services that may have someone who lives nearby. If there is a college in your town, these students may have a profile posted and be just what you are looking for. The advantage to this? Many college students have taken childrearing or child welfare courses, have done previous babysitting, have first aid training, and are available just when you need them. If not, there will be several other applicants to choose from, all pre-screened and qualified. Don’t despair! Babysitters are out there, and excellent ones at that. Keep looking, and begin your hunt well ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute may cause you to lose out on the perfect person.