Why Bad Mothers Are Good for Business

It is often said that bringing a child into the world is one of the best experience ever (not counting child labor). If that is the case you might wonder, why is it that a lot of mothers can't stand their children? For most, the reality of raising a child doesn't sink home until it is too late. You don't realize how distressing it can be to be constantly worried about your child. The irony is, every mother seems to think that she is the best mother in the world. It doesn't matter what you think, you will never be able to do everything right.

What does it mean to be a bad mother?

That is the type of person who has about five different children with five different men (and counting..). This type of mother refers to the men as my ‘children's daddy’ instead of my husband. Keep your legs together for the sake of the kids.

bad mother good for business

Another definition of a bad mother is, shaking a baby because it will not stop crying. It is true that some children can be really annoying and you will want to put your fist where it hurts, but, motherhood is a very long journey. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t have children.

There are other mothers who trick their men into having unwanted children and then claiming child support. That is such an evil thing to do. These same women later complain that they are not getting enough support from their other significant half. What do you expect when you are a two-faced conniving witch?

There are mothers who think that educating a child is spending hours in front of the TV. Big brother or American Idol will raise your children to become responsible adults.

Other mothers are basically losers and are just too pushy. Because they have been unable to realize their dreams, they force their children to go through what they have been unable to accomplish. You can think about mothers enrolling their children in beauty contest or in other mind-numbing activities.

The list of what constitutes bad mothers is very long and depressing. We haven't even talked about those who sell their children to perverts for a fist full of dollars.

What about mothers who are old enough to be in the Guinness book of records, but, still decide to have children just because it is possible through IVF? How do you breast-feed your child when your breast is too old and wrinkled and can only dispense powdered milk?

Medicated solution

Some people think that women should not be allowed to have children if they are not mentally stable. The problem is, you have to be mentally unstable to have children (nobody in the right mind will have children knowing about the challenges!). Any person who is sufficiently capable of rational reasoning will tell you that having children is bad for your health. That is a very drastic way to analyze it (shame on me!). However, you cannot force people to do what they don't want to do. There is also the moral issue of terminating a pregnancy. There are those who are pro-choice and of those who are pro-life. With the raging debates going on, the question beckons, whose life is it anyway? There is no easy solution to resolving the problem of bad mothers or bad parenting. That said, there are many reasons why being a bad mother is good for business. Here are a few below:

Why Good for Business

Termination clinics - Some bad mothers feel that they're not ready to would rather put an end to the child's life. This is good for business because someone has to perform the operation and the receptionist, the nurse, and the doctor have to be paid. There is also job for those who would likely dispose off of the body. It is also good for business for those who might need samples for medical research. The list is endless and it is rather tragic.

Babysitter - How much do you pay a babysitter today? Some mothers will not properly screen their babysitter just because they have a date with a future or potential mate. You can easily imagine what can go wrong. It is good for business because you have to pay the babysitter. That is not to say that all mothers who use the service of the babysitter are incompetent but some are.

bad mothers good for business

Social services - How many children are taken into care every year? When bad parenting means a child has to spend the rest of his life with strangers; that is good for business. The care family will have to be paid, the social worker has to be paid, the Ministry of health needs the business and everyone is happy (apart from the kid).

Lawyers - It is ironic that lawyers are often involved with bad parenting. When a child is about to be taken into care, the mother will likely want to defend her rights. This can lead to legal costs and legal custody. The longer the situation goes on, the better it is for the judge and all the legal experts involved.

Newspapers - How many times have you read salacious information about mothers going on holidays and leaving their underage children behind? A lot of people feel infuriated that they buy the newspaper just to find out exactly what happened. That is good for business as the journalist who writes the story needs to be paid.

Government assistance – Often, bad mothers can't seem to get their acts together. Some are so badly organized that they don't have money to pay the bills. They would rather pay for cable TV than put food on the table. That is however good for business because the government will need to intervene and help the little children. That is good for business because the money has to come from someone. The cable company is happy.

This is not to glorify bad motherhood, it just highlights the reality of the messed up world we live in. It is of course easier to say, “if you can't take care of your children don't have them”.  When the children are already here, that comment will be a medicated solution.