Bad Time Management Is Good for Business

When you are a project manager, you often pride yourself on being effective and efficient. You deliver all your projects on time. You are the man for every situation. Your time management skills are legendary. Ok! Enough of that narcissist self-adulations. When you have a lot of time on your hand, it is quite easy to waste time doing things you are not supposed to be doing. How many times have someone told you that they don’t have time because they have a deadline to meet. If you are able to inquire about the details, you would figure out that the person had all the time in the world but decided that a bit of adrenaline is what he needs to get the job done. Some people just can’t move into first gear unless they see that dreaded closing date.

What is bad time management? That is when you get a school assignment that you can’t be bothered to do and you only remember it was due the night before. It can also be that your 4 year University degree in time management took you 10 years (nice and sluggish). Bad time management is also when you always show up for anything work related 10 minutes late but you are the first one at the door when invited to a party. It is also related to having good priorities. You don’t want to arrive late for something so important as a party, where everyone will get wasted, and don’t remember why there was a party in the first place.

Bad time management is also when you are invited for a job interview and you turn up late because you couldn’t be bothered to pause your World of Warcrafts game and show up on time. Hardcore fans would say that only half-retarded players would give up a game to go to a boring job interview.

Another bad time management scenario is when your colleague gets to leave early because a child is ill (not yours of course because you are dedicated to your job). That is just out of order! That is bad time management because people shouldn’t have children and expect others to do their jobs because the child’s need to have an emergency poop!! You should adopt a goldfish and get time off too.

Have you also notice how people who can’t understand that time moves forward are always the pontual ones at the office’s coffee machines? If the company policy says, 15 minutes coffee break every two hours, they tend to think it means 2 hours coffee break every 15 minutes.

Bad time management is also when you go on holidays and come back asking your manager time off to get over your vacation. The question is, what did you do with your time when you were on vacation? You vacated your brain!

Medicated Solution

When you think about a lot of companies trying to get ISO certification for showing up on time for work, you know that there is something is wrong with society. You can’t just tell someone to read a book about time management in order to fix his genetically hard coded DNA? That is like trying to get Mexicans to stop eating tacos; Chinese to stop eating noodles and rice; black people to stop eating soul food; Italians to stop eating pizzas and pasta; rappers to stop using the N-word and Indians to stop eating curry. That is a disgusting stereotypical comparison and I should be ashamed of thinking about it and you should be ashamed of yourself for agreeing and laughing about it.

When you are bad at time management, it will be a life long struggle and the medicated solution will be sending you on a course or buying you a book on managing your time. You can’t fight nature!

Why Is Bad Time Management Good for Business

Well, there are thousands of books written about time management and a week long course will easily cost you about $2,000. If your company is sending you on the course, you will be paid for your time off work and there is no guarantee that there will be any return on investment.

What about those who get a job and decide to have a baby? You will have to pay maternity leave and a lot of things that are compulsory just because some woman can’t wait till she retires before having children. Before you start thinking about the age factor, you need to think about business owners as well. By the way, have you ever heard about IVF? That is not a political party just in case you are wondering.

When you have bad employees who would rather spend a lot of time surfing the internet rather than do productive work, it is good for business because you will need to install broadband internet. Your ISP or Internet Service Provider will be chuffed to bits to take your money. How many big companies have coffee vending machines? Because your employees need to get their fix due to bad time management, they will spend more time at the machine and serve up more coffees than Starbucks.

Have you also noticed how those who are always trying to meet deadlines are often stressed out? They will likely call in sick and need to visit their doctors for prescription medicine (aka Joint, splif, crack, etc). Someone will have to pay for that visit. If you try to fire the brainless twit, you will get sued for unlawful, unjustifiable, unfounded, undocumented dismissal. That means, getting a lawyer, private detective and lord know what to defend yourself.  Can you see why this is good for someone’s business?