Why Balding Men Should Shave Their Heads

Every morning when you get out of the shower, you can't help noticing that there is a little less hair on your head. At first you might be able to hide it, but eventually that bald spot or receding hairline is going to become too big to hide. Some men have (unsuccessfully) attempted the comb over, while others have tried dozens of products that claim to restore lost hair. Some men even pay considerable amounts of money for pills, hairpieces, serums, and/or hair implants.

While some men see a measure of success with hair loss treatments, none of them are great. Pills often don't work, and can have unwanted side effects. Serums are costly, messy, and inconvenient. Hair implants are cost thousands of dollars and carry the risk of infection, scarring, bleeding, and unnatural-looking hair. Hairpieces can look plain silly.

Ever since Michael Jordan took a razor to his scalp, the shaved look has become an acceptable men's style. Many men are hesitant to give up what's left of their precious locks, but the advantages far outweigh the alternative.

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A Shaved Head Makes You Manlier

If men like Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and Jason Statham don't need hair to be tough and confident, then neither do you. A study performed at the University of Pennsylvania found that men with shaved heads are perceived to be more manly and dominant than other men. They also appear to others to be taller, stronger, and better leaders than other men.[1] Hair is highly valued in our culture, so a shaved head signals that a man is confident and secure enough not it.

A Shaved Head is More Attractive

If you are a victim of male pattern baldness, no hair loss treatment is going to give you George Clooney's hairline, and attempting to hide hair loss simply makes it more noticeable.

Women are attracted to confidence. A balding man who shaves his head is more attractive than a man who attempts to hide his baldness beneath a poorly-conceived comb over. Contrary to what many balding men may think, a shaved head shifts focus away from the fact that he is losing his hair and highlights the fact that he is man enough to accept it.

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Shaving Your Head Will Save You Time & Money

It already can cost a significant amount money to visit a quality barber or stylist, but adding in the price of specialized products and treatments for hair loss can break the bank. If you decide to go bald, then the only cost is a pair of clippers or a razor to maintain your style. All the money you would spend buying hair products or paying a stylist will go right into your wallet.

With a shaved head you won't need to spend time perfectly styling your hair before you head out the door, which will save you time. After all, time is money.

Shaving Your Head is Liberating

If nothing else, it's liberating to accept that you are losing your hair and take control of it. You'll never have to worry if another person can see your bald spot, or if your hair isn't perfectly covering the thinner patches. When someone comments on your new style, you can proudly declare that you beat genetics to the finish line.

If you are tired of fussing about your thinning hair or you are simply unhappy with the way you look, it may be time to do something bold and shave your head. You may wonder why you didn't do it years ago.