If your are planning on renovating the floors in your house, you are going to have many options to consider. Have you considered bamboo? If not then you should. There are many attributes to choosing bamboo as the right flooring for you. Using bamboo is environmentally friendly, normal hardwood that is used for flooring takes years to reforest after it is cut. It requires less maintenance than soft wood floors such as pine or vinyl. It is easy to install. Bamboo floors are also cost efficient. Bamboo also offers certain aesthetic appeal. These are just a few reasons why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home.

Firstly bamboo is easily regrown. When you take into consideration that hardwood forests take year to re cultivate, once they are cut down. This is part of the reason hardwood flooring is expensive. The excess leaves and twigs from the bamboo are used to feed livestock, in the United States as well as Asia. If you are looking for a way to reduce your environmental footprint on earth, using bamboo as flooring is just for you.

The upkeep on bamboo is greatly reduced when compared to that of vinyl and soft woods like pine. Even though bamboo is a fast growing plant, once it is cured it becomes extremely hard. Bamboo flooring works well in high traffic ares, wearing down more slowly than alternative floor choices. Bamboo floors do still need to be resurfaced, but less frequently than other floors. The upkeep is just another reason why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home

Another benefit to bamboo is that there are many different ways to install it. Whether you higher a company, or do it yourself. Bamboo flooring is ofter install in the form of a "Floating floor." Floating floors don't have any adhesive holding them down; instead they are fashioned together in a puzzle like fashion, locking the floor in place, against itself. Installing a floor this way is a great way to save time, and is also a do it yourself project, saving you money. However, flooring installers still feel that there needs to be a sub floor and that all flooring needs to be nailed down. This alternative is a very feasible one that has lowered the cost of bamboo flooring which has expanded its market. The ease of installation of this flooring is another reason why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home

Next is the cost of bamboo. Like any other flooring option bamboo runs both extremes when it comes to cost. The reason for this is how the wood is finished and how the floor is made. Imported solid wood planks are going to cost more than a "floating floor." However, bamboo is more cost effective because you are getting more value out of your dollar. A less expensive bamboo floor is still going to be durable and stand up to the amount of traffic you expect the floor to receive The cost effectiveness of bamboo is another example of why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home.

The strength of bamboo is also very impressive. Bamboo has been used for many years as scaffolding in many places in Asia. That being said bamboo is certainly strong enough to be used as a floor. Bamboos weight to strength ratio is extreme. It is one of the hardest flooring surfaces you can install in your house. There are just so many reasons why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home.

Another consideration when choosing bamboo is its aesthetic appeal. Bamboo varies widely in coloration and style. It is this unique feature that allows bamboo to fit almost any decoration choices you are making. This feature of bamboo makes it an extremely versatile floor choice. The variety of choices the consumer has when it comes to style is another thing that sets bamboo apart from other floors. Bamboo can be found in almost any finish you could want, when you re do your floors. This is why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home

After taking into consideration just a few of bamboo flooring pros, its hard not to say yes to reflooring your house with it, and there is no reason not to. Once you have decided to choose bamboo, you will want to decide upon the type of bamboo floor. Whether you install it yourself, or hire a professional. Whether you want a "floating floor," or a solid bamboo floor. You will be able to find it, and be able to pay for what you want. When it comes to flooring there is no reason that you shouldn't choose bamboo. It is why bamboo flooring is the right choice for your home. You will sure be happy if you choose to redo your floors in bamboo.