For better or for worse one of those 'must do' things like visiting the pyramids or seeing Ankor Wat is to 'do' the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan.

The experience is great and bad at the same time. The party is not what it used to be but more people come now than ever before. If you like a full on party with fire throwers, day-glow painted people and a never say stop mentality then you are going to love the Full Moon Party. Few countries in the world can throw a party like Thailand. It's that combination of perfect weather and beautiful manners that make Thailand a paradise for so many visitors; and an ideal location to have a party.

Thailand is easy to get to and fantastically easy to travel around. Whether you book in advance or find accommodation when you arrive, Thailand is a breeze to find something that suits your taste and your wallet. What is more, the nature and pristine beaches in the south of Thailand are to die for. And of all the 'great' beaches in Thailand, Koh Phangan has more than its share of amazing beaches. More so than its neighbour Koh Samui, Koh Phangan still has remote shoreline, huge areas of jungle and an incredibly laid back atmosphere.

Of the many great beaches to be found in Koh Phangan one of the most convenient and beautiful is Bantai beach. It is located in the south of Koh Phangan. It is accessed via the southern road that goes from Thongsala, the main port town on the island, to Haad Rin, the site of the famous Full Moon Party. Bantai is about 10 minutes away by taxi or motorbike from the ports in Thongsala. It is easy to catch a shared taxi between Bantai and Thongsala. The cost is between 50 and 100 Thai Baht.

Bantai has a small village with a selection of restaurants, clothes shops and internet places. It also has a 7-11 convenience store where you can buy cheap drinks and snacks.

Bantai beach is set back from the road. It is long quiet beach which is sandy and fringed with palm trees. The sea is calm and it is possible to swim all year round. There is a good selection of accommodation in Bantai. Bantai has cheap bungalows as well as more expensive resort rooms.

For those wanting to go to the Full Moon Party, Bantai is an excellent choice because it is very close to Haad Rin. By taxi it takes 10 minutes to get from Bantai to Haad Rin. By staying in Bantai during the Full Moon Party you can easily get to the party but when you have had enough you can return to the peace and quiet of Bantai. Furthermore, accommodation in Haad Rin is often fully booked for the days surrounding the party. It is much easier to get a room in Bantai.

Lastly, for those popping over from Koh Samui, Bantai has its own small jetty which runs a speed boat service between Bantai and Maenam in the north of Koh Samui. The trip takes 12 minutes as opposed to the Haad Rin Queen boat service that takes 50 minutes.

Bantai Beach in Koh Phangan