Beagle Puppy

The beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the country and once you own one you realize why people love them so much. A lot of the people who get beagles will not go to other breeds once they got their first short-eared hound. They are a breed that has a long history, so much so that it is difficult to trace back to where they come from as similar dogs have been around for hundreds of years. The modern beagle does come from the UK and it is the result of a mix of up to four different breeds. They have been companions to royalty, presidents and regular people all over the world.

Watch Dogs?

You would not think of a beagle as a guard dog, especially considering that they are one of the friendliest breeds out there. The reason they do make for a good watch dog is that they will alert you when someone is nearby, and you will hear their howl. The meaning of the word beagle is still disputed, but most believe that it derives from the French word begueule which means “open throat” or beugler  which means “to bellow”, so you can be certain that you will not miss this little hound when it wants to alert you of something.

Great With Kids

Beagle As A Family Dog

If you were to rank the best dog breeds for kids, then the beagle dogs would have to be on top of that list. There is almost never an ounce of aggressiveness in these hounds and they love to play. If your kid is over active then this dog will keep up with them all day long. They will run all day long if you let them just to crash when the night comes. Because they are very active they are not necessarily the best apartment dog, though they will adapt if you give them enough exercise and playing is great exercise for a beagle.

Great For Adults

You would think that the beagle is only good for families with kids, but it can also be great for families with teenagers or without kids. That is because they can bring the kid in you out to play as well. You will be able to take your beagles hiking, walking, to the park and even hunting if you are a hunter. They are one of the better breeds to tell you where game is hiding. The breed is known to follow a trail if they catch a scent so you may need to have them well-trained or on a leash when you are outside.

Health And Maintenance

Beagles are not known as a breed that is prone to disease. They are one of the healthiest dog breeds but in some cases they can suffer of allergies and cherry eye. Those instances are very rare and it is a lot more likely that your new pup will live a long and healthy life. Grooming is also an advantage of the breed as they do not need much. Your pooch will benefit from a short hair brushing session or two each week, but more than that is really over-doing it. The ears meed cleaning, but it only takes one session a week to get that job done. The breed is very low maintenance, but one great pet to keep in the house.

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