1. Live in Another Country

This opportunity offers many benefits and challenges.

You will be able to experience something  greater than any movie, tourist trip, or book can provide you with!

It allows you to have a new perspective on what you thought before you arrived.  It can also give you another perspective on how you view your own country.

2. Learn a New Language

There's no better way to learn a new language than by living directly in its mother country.  Learning a new language will help you appreciate and learn about the culture.

When you learn another language, and show an interest in it, the natives will greatly appreciate it and respect your efforts.

3. You Might Enjoy It

You should take this experience as a positive one.

You may find yourself enjoying many aspects that go along with becoming an ESL teacher in another country.

A lot of people develop a passion for teaching, or discover that they enjoy traveling and going to new places.  This will definitely be an experience that you won't forget.

4. Meet People Form Around The World

Teachers of English come from all over the world, ranging from  countries like South Africa, America, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland, and the Philippines.  You'd be amazed to see the number of travelers and people you can meet living far away from home.

People also tend to be more open with others when they are traveling, and this may be due to the fact that they don't have as many connections as they do back home.  They may find there to be a natural connection between foreigners.

5. Make a Difference

English is a world language used for communication, and a lot of countries are spending a considerable amount of money related to learning it.

When teaching ESL most people will find themselves teaching children, and as a result you will have a big impact on their life.  You can either be the reason why a kid wants to learn English , why they don't want to learn it, and expose them to other people and cultures.

6. Become a Cultural Ambassador

When you are either traveling or living in abroad, people will associate you with your home country.  Depending on where you travel, your actions may be heavily watched by others out of curiosity.  You can help others learn more about your country and where you're from.

7. Learn More About Yourself

A lot of people will find themselves living in a different kind of lifestyle when they go to live in somewhere new.  Maybe you'll find yourself living in one of the world's most populous cities in Asia, and you may be  from a small town back in your home country.

You can use this time to explore new hobbies and acquire new skills that you would not have found otherwise.