Design BusinessI'm sure you've heard the term "starving artist" before. But, in my opinion, I feel there is absolutely no reason why an artist or designer should be broke in our culture. Why? Let me explain.

Let's say you're a doctor and you've worked hard building up your practice. Most doctors I've known or heard of have expensive hobbies or interests on the side. Let's say you have a thing for vintage exotic sports cars. You have a couple in your collection. Well, guess who designed those cars?

Say, you're some fancy hedge fund manager pulling in $100 million a year. You like nice things, and happen to have some rare and coveted priceless artwork hanging in your private collection. Guess who created those works of art?

What about if you're a billionaire? You can affair the finer things and you and your friends don't fight about who has the most things anymore, because you're all well off, but rather who has the coolest and most custom exotic things. Well, who are you going to call to come and create that custom marble masterpiece water fountain you want to install in your backyard? That's right, an artist.

And last, say you're some well-known actor or actress and you attend the red carpet. Well, guess who probably had a hand in putting together your fancy wardrobe? Again, a designer.

So, you see, being a designer is potentially quite the opposite of the above quote. When uncreative but very successful people acquire these mass fortunes they generally like to have unique and custom things. They don't want some generic painting or yard art you can just go down and pick up at your local Walmart, Hobby Lobby, or Home Depot. So who do they call to come create these one-of-a-kind creations? Artists and designers.

If you're an artist or designer I hope this article makes you think and reevaluate your role and importance in society and give you a few solid rebuttles the next time someone you're around brings up the phrase "starving artist."