As being controversial makes you stand out from the crowd.

(Again it is about the power of differentiating yourself).

Like I said about being able to differentiate your content before.

Everyone points to the black sheep in a flock of white sheep.

Exactly what you should be doing here on InfoBarrel!

When everyone was writing about how bad England were in the Soccer (Football) World Cup 2010 held in Germany for example, you need to be the one who is writing how it was a success for England.

People will instantly have that confused (even disgusted) face as to say "Are you mad?".

However ...

they have already fallen for it!

Which is the beauty right here, where there are lots and lots of article writing on how England were so bad in the World Cup etc.

People already know they were bad and they will have a much wider choice of articles to report on how bad England were at the World Cup.

But how many articles are out there saying England had a good world cup? Not many I'd imagine.

Hence controversy is great for two reasons:

Reason One: They are interested.

I mean I would love to know how anyone can argue the case that the way England played in the world cup was a success.

Simply interested to see the points put forward.

I don't want to know why England played poor, because I already know.

Reason Two: Less competition.

Not many people will write on why England were a success.

As people aren't thinking that way.

Even you might not think this way, but turn the article on it's head.

The harder and more controversial the topic, the harder it is to write, but the better it will be.

People love to quote a counter argument, and that's just what you need to give them.

Where to post these articles?

I have found when I used to write Triond, these articles are best posted on a forum or group (facebook groups etc.) where the ethos is very much the opposite of the article that you wrote.

I will give you an example:

There is a massive student forum called the The Student Room.

Where many students from all over the world  that are studying University Degrees in hundreds of subjects, come to discuss (more argue) over particular issues.

And then I came along and posted a thread which contained my article about reasons not to go university and get a degree.

As you could imagine it brought my article a huge amount of traffic from all over the forum.

Even today, I still get good regular amounts of traffic for that article just from that one thread.


Don't be too controversial, there is a very fine line.

You need to know if you are taking a matter too far.

If you do, this could be hurtful to your reputation not just as a writer but also as a person.