Not everyone is the same. It really is what makes the world such an interesting place to live in. However, if you are considering blogging and you are asking yourself, “Why blog?” then you should know that there are many reasons to blog and it is the things that make each of us different that make us choose to blog for one reason over another. You can easily consider these various reasons and how they have effected blogging in the last decade of the Internet and decide if blogging is for you.  

Why Blog - Express Yourself

Blogging is a great way to express yourself. You can do this with a diary style blog, a poetry blog, a fiction blog, or even an opinions blog. You can share your ideas, what you think is important, and how you think the world should work with your blog. It isn't always easy to get traffic to these sorts of blogs, but if you really want to express yourself then this is a great way to get started without spending a lot of money on the who project. In fact, you can start a blog for free making it a very low cost option.  

Why Blog - To Promote Something

Businesses have found that blogs are a great way to promote their businesses, their image, and their products. This is for a lot of different reasons. First of all, search engines really do like blogs because they are updated regularly. At least, Google loves them when they are updated regularly because Google likes fresh content. They are also good because they can give customers a better feeling about the business, the image, and even the products. It is also possible for blogs to get regular readers and people who come back are a great reason to blog.  

Why Blog - To Help Others

There are a lot of people out there that blog to help others. Some want to help others accomplish a certain goal, learn something new, or make it through a tough time in their lives. Other blogs are set up to promote charities and to help certain groups raise money or awareness. Finally there are blogs that are set up to show issues that others should be concerned about including animal rights.  

Why Blog - Give Yourself Expert Status

There are a few ways to gain expert status in the eyes of readers. One is to have fancy degrees. This one has actually taken a big turn in the Internet age because most people don't really feel like you have to have a lot of schooling to be an expert in many different areas. While they won't want you to do brain surgery without a degree, they will consider you an expert in fashion, home improvement, or on insects without a degree. All you need to do is show that you really know what you are talking about in that given area that you want to be an expert in. A blog is a great way to show what you know.  

Why Blog - To Connect

Blogs are a way to share what you know, to learn more about the things that you love, and they can be a way to connect with people who are similar to yourself. This is a little harder to do now that there are lots and lots of blogs out there, but you can still develop regular readers, get comments, interact with those readers, and get to know other bloggers in your niche. This can be a fun and exciting reason to turn your love of something into a blog.  

Why Blog - To Make a Difference

This can go hand in hand with helping people or it can be a little bit of a different kind of difference. You can make a political blog to try and influence people, you can share your opinions and make a difference that way, or you can teach people on a topic that is close to your heart such as going green, recycling, or even raising kids.

Why Blog - Learn More and Stay Tuned

You may like racing, but if you don't intentionally try and stay up on the topic you will fall behind on the news. A blog gives you a great way and reason to learn more about a topic that you love and stay up to date on its news.  

Why Blog - To Stay Connected

Having a blog can be a way to stay connected with friend, family, and acquaintances. While this is most commonly true of a personal blog it can also be true with a blog that shares a journey or a goal. New Years resolutions can be easier to stick to then ever before with the right blog and the right people reading it.  

Why Blog - Become a Better Writer

Practice makes perfect. At least that's what they say. While you might not become a perfect, you will become a better writer. The more you write the better you will become at it. In fact, you will amaze yourself because when you go back and re-read your stuff months or years later you will see how far you have grown as a writer.  

Why Blog - Shine

If you don't really feel like you have a good place to show off your personality then a blog can be a great place to really shine. Even if your day job is boring and your life is dull, you can show the world what's on the inside.  

Why Blog - For Money

Many people choose to blog for money. If this is the only reason that you are going to blog then you will likely fail. I am sorry to say, but it isn't that easy to blog for money and it is very likely that you will need some sort of motivation for when the money isn't coming.  

There are lots of reasons to blog. You can find your reason if you are thinking about blogging. In most cases, blogging can be well worth it. However, it isn't easy and you will want to make sure it is something you really want to do before you embark on your mission or your blog will end up being another skeleton blog out there with few posts and a writer who just disappears into the night.