You spend a lot of time in your bathroom and you need to feel comfortable in there. You get ready for work and you take relaxing showers in the bathroom, each day. Make sure you get beautiful, elegant appliances and furniture, which will make you to feel great and enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom.

Bowl bathroom sinks will bring a touch of elegance and style in your bathroom. The beautiful, romantic shape makes you feel like you are at a relaxing spa, not in your own home. Also, this type of sinks only take a little space, so you will be able to install double bowl bathroom sinks even in a small bathroom.


How To Pick Bowl Bathroom Sinks

There are two popular options, when it comes to bowl bathroom sinks: glass and natural stone. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and you need to consider those facts before deciding on a certain item.

Natural stone is incredible beautiful, elegant and classy. Installing natural stone sinks, tops and tiles will transform your bathroom into a peaceful retreat. Natural stone works great for small bathrooms too. If you pick small size stone tiles, in a light color (cream or yellow) and a bowl sink, your bathroom will appear a lot larger. You can find a lot of amazing colors and textures when it comes to natural stone, and you really can’t get it wrong with such a precious material. But cleaning and maintaining natural stone can be a little tricky. Many types of natural stone have large pores, which means that your bowl bathroom sink is in danger to get stains from makeup and other products you use in your bathroom. Also, you need to be very careful about the cleaning products you use. Natural stone is a pretty delicate surface, and you will have to buy special products for cleaning and maintaining it. And last, but not least, natural stone is pretty expensive, so bowl bathroom sinks made of it aren’t cheap at all.

As for glass bowl bathroom sinks, the good news is that they are generally pretty cheap, they have a contemporary vibe and you can find them in a lot of amazing, bold colors. On the other hand, you need to be careful about breaking it. Although it’s unlikely for that to happen, because they are made of very thick, durable glass, accidents can occur, and you really should consider that, especially if you have small children. Another thing you need to know about glass is that the shiny surface, which looks great while it’s new, can scratch pretty easily. You should be careful about scrubbing your glass sink with abrasive sponges.


Where To Find Cheap Bowl Bathroom Sinks

If you want to remodel your bathroom, but you have to stick to a tight budget, shop around for a few weeks before actually buying your sink units. You can find a lot of great deals online, if you just take the time to search. But if you simply can’t afford any of the bowl bathroom sinks you like, there is no reason to despair. Just go to your local department and pick the most beautiful bowl you can find. It’s pretty easy to make a round hole on the bottom of the bowl and use it as a sink – it doesn’t get cheaper than that. Not to mention that you have the opportunity to choose among a lot of interesting colors. If you don’t know how to make the hole or you don’t have the tools, just ask a professional plumber to help you with the job. It will still be a lot cheaper then buying an actual bathroom bowl sink.

It’s a good idea to shop for matching bowl bathroom sinks and vanities. This way, your bathroom will have a homogenous look. If you shop all the items together, not only that your bathroom will look great, but you will probably get a much better price then if you would buy them separately. 

When installing bowl bathroom sinks, it’s a good idea to call a professional plumber. The pipes might need a little adjustment to fit the size and the shape of your new sink.