Brian Regan

The bundle of hilariousness aka Brian Regan

Brian Regan is a stand up comedian that has loads of original humor and has been making people laugh for years. There are numerous reasons for his success and why he's just so darn funny, and this article will go into detail why. Brian Regan has many DVD's and CD's out all over the world and is frequently on tour visiting places to spout off his humor. Tickets go very quickly when they go on sale because he is quite possibly one of the funniest comedians on the circuit today. Due to his material, Brian Regan continues to grow in popularity and is making great gains in his goals and success in the comedy world.

The humor

Brian Regan is absolutely hilarious. Most of his act consists of humor on stupid or funny circumstances in his life or quirky things he finds in real life around him. What makes him even more hilarious is his imitations. He acts like he's really mentally inept on certain things or acts like he himself is stupid on a matter. Facial expressions, visual cues that Brian himself doesn't even understand, and great voice impersonations all make him a solid comedian that will give your abs and lungs a big workout from all the laughing you will engage in. From stupid things he did in school, to hilarious imitations of airplane travel and hospital visits, to walking on the moon, this guy has it all and everything he does is thick with sarcasm and jokes.

Very clean act

Brian Regan stands out from the crowd of comedians out there in the fact that he is very clean with his act. Many people, myself included, don't find comedy acts with foul language and risqué content amusing but instead find it a turnoff. Brian Regan takes both of these things out and just focuses on good old fashioned humor and sarcasm. This is a big reason for his success since a large population of the world wants to laugh but not feel dirty after watching a stand up act. Some people mention that Brian is the only comedian they will watch because they know it won't be loaded with filth but instead laughter and good clean humor.

The Scenarios

Brian Regan comes up with so much true and yet funny humor that pokes fun at many rules and institutions that make us think and yet laugh. He talks about everything from the donut lady, to spider webs, to playing baseball in little league. Each scenario he paints a really good picture so you can imagine his world and the humor he pulls from each example is excellent! He really knows how to dive into content and pull every single bit of humor out of a scenario to have the audience riled up and laughing. What I really love is just how true a lot of his humor is. We find ourselves saying the same thing and how we encounter these things a lot, but Brian points out the hilarious aspects of those situations and then we end up quoting him when we encounter them again in real life.

Admitting his own faults

Brian Regan is great because he'll admit to his faults both in his scenarios and also his stand up acts. He's messed up plenty of times in his acts but he makes it comical and humorous so we don't even acknowledge it. I'm thinking of with his live CD recording of "All by myself" when he was talking about horses. It was absolutely hilarious how it took him 5 minutes to get the joke out and even noted that he thinks this joke won't even make it to the CD! I just love how humble he is and he'll use even his own faults to make people laugh. So next time you turn on youtube or pop in one of his DVD's get ready to laugh and enjoy all of his act, including the parts he didn't even intend to include both from himself and the audience. Overall I think Brian Regan is one of the top 3 best comedians of our time and his success is continuing to pile on each day.