Why Building A List Rocks!

If you’re not familiar with internet marketing, this you’re about to learn why creating email lists is one of the best passive income ideas ever. Passive income, by definition, is income that you get month, after month, without having to work. It’s a revenue stream that you set up once, and collect over and over again. While there is some maintenance work involved, you don’t have to directly trade your time for money as you normally would with a job. It is the smart way to make a living and totally possible through the internet.

First, I’ll explain what an email list is. An email list is a database of real people’s email addresses that belong to a certain niche. For example, they might be interested in losing weight, getting better at a sport, learning how to make passive income online, and so on. You can collect their email addresses with an optin form, which is a web form that asks for their email addresses in return for a free product or subscription to your monthly newsletter.

Most internet marketers agree that each person on your email list is worth about 1 dollar per month. All you need to do is write a simple email promotion and blast it out to everyone on your list to make quick sales for your business. Can you start to see why this is one of the best passive income ideas?

Simply by creating email lists and keeping in contact with your subscribers, you are creating a business. As a business, it’s important to know what your prospects want, since you will be the person leading them and giving them direction to fulfill their wants and solve their problems. Your prospects will all belong to a certain niche and you need to focus on that one particular niche until you start profiting from it, or realize that the niche can’t be monetized.

How to Start Building Your List

Tips To Start Creating Email Lists

The best niches to pick are hobby niches, full of passionate, people. It also helps if you are a member of your niche as well. Examples of hobby niches include golf, music, magic, cooking and so on. If you have expertise in this niche, people will naturally look up to you for direction and advice and your job will be very easy. However, even if you know nothing about your niche, you can still make a good profit if you market to them the right way.

To start creating email lists, you need to have something you can give away in return for their email addresses. No one wants to give away something without getting anything in return. That’s why it’s crucial to offer a free report or something of value to people when they sign up to your email list. Your freebie, also known as a lead magnet, should provide genuine value. However, it must not provide too much value.

A good way of putting this is giving away the “what” but now the “how”. For example, if you’re marketing to the weight loss niche, tell them what they need to do to lose weight (ex. Exercise, healthy diet, proper sleep, etc.) but not how (do these types of exercises, eat these types of foods, get this amount of sleep overnight, etc.). This way, your list will see you as an expert and want what you have to offer, but will purchase products from you because their knowledge is still incomplete.

So that’s the basics of creating email lists. I hope you can now see why this is one of the best passive income ideas in 2012. The most important thing is to go out and take action. So go pick a niche right now and start creating passive income online with an email business!