Personalised photo books take the kind of standards usually only associated with expensive, professionally produced artefacts and apply them to the images of the customers own choice.

The advent of digital photography has made it possible for the ordinary person to take photographs in numbers, and of a quality, which would once have been the preserve of professionals only. What this means is that events such as birthday parties, weddings, holidays and family days out can be recorded for posterity in a depth which would, until fairly recently, have been impossible.

The ‘problem’, to coin a phrase, caused by this abundance of imagery, lies in choosing which of the many photographs taken are the ones which you want to keep and then opting for a means of storage. All too often, people find that their pictures are stored in a myriad of different places some languishing in files on their computer, some still on the camera memory card. Others printed off and put away in tins or drawers and so when the time comes to look through them and relive the memories, or else show off their favourites to someone else, it’s difficult if not impossible to do so. What this problem highlights is the fact that our photographs are precious to us.

They are often more than just two dimensional images on a piece of paper, they are memories, moments in time which have been captured forever and which, every time you look at them, have the power to transport you back to a time and a place where you were happy. Personalised photo books are a way of storing your photos which reflects just how much they mean to you, and which makes it easy to keep them in perfect condition and look at them whenever you want to.

The technology now available to anyone who takes digital photographs means that putting a photos together is a quick and incredibly easy process. All that’s needed is to upload the relevant pictures to the website you’re using and then utilise the specialist software to put the book together. People often choose to print and publish a book like this following an event such as a wedding, or as a means of capturing a baby’s first year of life or the special moments from a holiday of a lifetime. One other good example to use is a book which captures a major renovation of a part of your house, such as fitting your dream kitchen.

The photos included could include shots of the room before the work starts, the gutted shell when the old kitchen has been ripped out and then the slow, difficult process of putting a new kitchen together. Once you’ve chosen and uploaded the relevant pictures, you could then choose every other feature of the book, such as its’ shape and format, the number of pages and the type and design of the cover- will it be a plain, luxurious leather covered book with ‘Our New Kitchen’ or a full colour shot of the finished artefact? The choice is entirely in the hands of the consumer, as is the matter of whether you need to include any text alongside the images. Perhaps you want to write something like ‘We had a hard time pulling the old cooker out’ or perhaps you feel that the picture of you sweating, straining and putting your back out tells the story well enough. Photo books can be used to capture and keep any event, from the fairly mundane to the massively life changing, and make both wonderful gifts and precious keepsakes.

There are really no limits to the ideas which can be turned into photo albums / books . Whether you’re a professional photographer wanting to showcase your work, or a proud parent finally deciding to collect all the favourite pictures of your kids in the one place, personalised photo books are a wonderful means via which to store and enjoy your most precious memories.