With the new Heartgard Plus on the market as part of the latest in heartworm medicine it seemed like a good idea to explain exactly what the difference is between this and the regular Heartgard. If you want to buy Heartgard Plus then this is still worth knowing as it is always good to know exactly what is in, and what the medication does, that we give to our pets.

The original Heartgard contained the active ingredient Ivermectin. This will very comprehensively eliminate the small worms that have been deposited in your pets body by an infected mosquito. It is only the mosquito that will giveheartworms to Dogs or Cats.

The new Heartgard Plus contains both Ivermectin and Pyrantel. The Ivermectin controls the heartworms and the Pyrantel will prevent hookworms and roundworms. This makes it a much more comprehensive treatment and it will mean you can treat for heartworms and intestinal worms in one quick go. Heartgard plus comes in tasty chewable tablet form making it very easy to administer and this is not to be overlooked. A chewable tablet that actually tastes good (to animals at least) makes life that little bit easierwhen it comes to medication day.

If you do buy Heartgard Plus you will find that if you get it from a reliable source and get cheap Heartgard Plus it is only nominally more expensive than regular Heartgard. What many people also do not realise is that it is now available from certain places without the need for a prescription. That definitely makes life a lot easier.

If you have any concerns at all about hookworms or roundworms then you should definitely switch to Heartgard plus over your regular medicaiton. It is fast approaching being the same price as the regular medication and I don't think it will be too long before regular Heartgard will be phased out in favor of the new improved medication.

Heartgard is one of the best priced heartworm medicines and is definitely recommended over many other products, especially if you are on a more limited budget, as many of us are at the present time. When money is of a concern it always pays (literally) to find the best prices and this is whyHeartgard is popular, it is not too expensive. If you ensure that you do a price comparis onover a few stores you will be sure to make some good savings and at the same time ensure that you are fully protecting your pet.

If you want a very thorough pill that will safely treat for both heartworms and intestinal worms then I would buy Heartgard Plus.