Organic Baby Mattress

Why buy organic baby mattresses? The primary reason is that they're safer for babies than synthetic mainstream mattresses. Organic baby mattresses are made with all natural products whereas synthetic ones are not. The chemicals involved in the making of synthetic mattresses are more toxic to babies than adults; therefore, they need to be protected from them. After all, every parent wants what is best for their baby.

The best way to do this is to buy an organic baby mattress then there is no need to worry about the baby inhaling and absorbing toxins while sleeping. Babies spend a considerable amount of time sleeping, so a safe sleep environment is a must.

Babies exposed to chemicals in synthetic mattresses are prone to these side effects:

* Headaches

* Vomiting

* Nausea

* Coughing

* Respiratory problems

* Weak immune system

There are more, however, these are the most common problems babies suffer from exposure to harmful chemicals used in the making of mainstream synthetic mattresses.

The second reason to buy organic baby mattresses is that they're safer for our environment. These days, more than ever, we live in a society that is aware of the affects that toxic chemicals have on our health. This is why so many of us have jumped on the" Go Green" wagon. As time goes on more and more people will join in until there are so many of us that we really will make a difference.

It is true that organic baby mattresses cost more, but who can place a price on your baby's health and safety? It is better to cut corners elsewhere in the budget and save that money to buy an organic crib mattress, so that while your baby sleeps you have peace of mind knowing that they're safe.

Organic Baby Mattresses Online

Some of the best organic baby mattresses are sold online. Shopping online is convenient and saves time plus you can shop at any time of the day or night the stores never close. You also get the benefit of buying organic baby mattresses from the best certified organic sources available.

Let's talk about certified organic baby mattresses for a moment. When a product is labeled certified organic or 100% organic this means it is totally organic no chemical whatsoever. The deal is that some manufacturers are sneaky and use only SOME organic materials, not all, and label it organic. This is legal, but not very ethical. So, as consumers it is up to us to ask questions and read the small print. It should also have OTA (Organic Trade Association) approval if it is really 100% organic.

There are some people who know that a product isn't 100% organic and they buy it anyway. It is a matter of personal preference, but if you know that you want 100% organic then you have to be proactive at the time of purchase and research the organic baby mattress thoroughly.

When you're looking for organic baby mattresses online there are three main organic sources that they're made from and they are cotton, wool and latex. To qualify as 100% organic they need to be all naturally grown and processed no chemicals used such as synthetic insecticides, fertilizers, pesticides etc. An organic baby mattress may contain a combination of cotton, wool and latex.

Organic cotton has several benefits it is breathable and maximizes air circulation as well as absorbs perspiration. It is also quite strong and has a soft comfortable texture to help baby sleep.

Wool helps to keep the baby cool in summer and warm in winter. It is also a natural repellent for dust mites and moisture keeping the bed dry. In addition, wool is flame resistant and bacteria resistant.

Benefits of rubber or latex are that it repels dust mites and is very durable. It also helps retain shape, firmness and stability of the crib mattress keeping baby well supported.

As you can see organic cotton, wool and latex are all beneficial components in the making of organic baby mattresses and help to make the mattress the best that nature can provide.

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