Sano Mephisto toning shoes are the latest release catering to the wellness movement, and an excellent choice for those looking to improve physical and mental health by adopting a new and healthy lifestyle. The range of shoes has been designed to get the body working at optimal levels, reducing the chance of injuries, whilst toning the muscles and improving overall body health. The shoes return the body to a more natural waking gait, putting the weight back on the heels, straightening the spine and getting the shoulders back. Modern shoes serve to cushion and protect, but also limit foot movement. The rise in prevalence of painful foot conditions can be attributed to poor footwear in many cases, however Sano Mephisto shoes help to correct the problem, allowing the bones to be aligned in the correct position for maximum walking efficiency.

Sano By Mephisto toning shoes

The jarring force of the heel strike can be the most damaging to the joints, and if the shockwaves are not properly absorbed can lead to injury and pain over time. Sano Mephisto shoes absorb the energy generated by the heel strike, and use this to propel the foot from heel to toe, in a smooth natural rolling movement, stretching the ligaments and increasing the pace of walking. Instabilities are introduces throughout the walking cycle, stimulating the muscles throughout the lower body, giving better tone with each step. Walking faster with greater muscle activation increases the rate of calorie consumption, helping you to shift unwanted body weight and maintain the weight at a healthy and sustainable level. The shoes occupy the same niche as the MBT anti shoe and Chung Shi shoes, offering a high quality toning shoe design with a wide range of health benefits, closer to orthopaedic shoes than to toning shoes.

The Mephisto range of walking shoes is famed for their comfort, and use the finest quality leather and a hand stitched finish. The result is a highly comfortable fit with a quality of construction designed to last. The uppers are soft and flexible for maximum comfort, with interwoven mesh to maximise breathability. The escape of heat and moisture is facilitated, wicking water away from the feet to keep them cool, dry and comfortable.

Sano Mephisto shoes

Under the foot, the outsole offers excellent traction with Power Stimulator technology in the heel to absorb shockwaves and propel the foot forward. As the heel strikes, a negative heel is created, making the body stand up straight by bringing the body weight back onto the heels. The foot is then moved forward, through a plantar fascia stretching roll to the toes for a firm push off. The arches are highly supported at all times, and the efficient rolling of the foot helps to prevent muscle fatigue. Located in the forefoot is a Multi Vibration System to stimulate the muscles however the stability of the shoes is first rate, hardly feeling like you are toning with each step, and help to generate up to 30% more muscle activation, making them some of the most effective toning shoes on the market.

If you are looking for the highest quality toning shoes, Sano Mephisto shoes are the perfect choice.