Are you thinking about buying the new Barnes & Noble eReader called the NOOK, but not sure you are ready to abandon your printed materials? This article is aimed at helping explain the new technology eReaders are using to bring your reading experience to a whole new level and why a NOOK is a must have.

eReaders are not a new idea. In fact, they have been around for over ten years, but new technologies like e-ink, wi-fi internet, 3G speeds, more memory and faster processors have reinvented the eReader.

The biggest complaint of older eReaders was reading the screen was straining on the eyes. It was also difficult to nearly impossible to read in bright sunlight due to sun-glare on the screen. The NOOK however, uses a new e-ink technology that is basically the same as the ink that is used to make paperback books and newspapers. This results in a glare free screen that can be read outside on a sunny day with no glare or eye strain.

The NOOK is also convenient. If you want to read a new book, but don't want to go to the bookstore or wait for shipping. The NOOK with its Wi-Fi and 3G download speeds allows for books to be instantly downloaded in seconds. Just think, you could be on vacation in an isolated area of the world and have a bookstore at the touch of a button on the NOOK.

Are you someone who likes to read more than one book at once? If yes, then you know how much of a pain it can be to have a stack of books to look through when you want to read one. The NOOK can hold over fifteen hundred books out of the box and has expandable memory that would allow you to store a small library of books with a simple storage system.

Barnes & Noble is also constantly improving the software of the NOOK. Its 'my shelves' system allows for you to easily categorize your books and can even password protect books that you choose. LendMe technology is the latest innovation of Barnes & Noble, it allows you to share an eBook with a friend for fourteen days.

The NOOK Wi-Fi is fairly priced at $149, it can be purchased in Barnes & Noble stores and also on their website. Other versions of the NOOK include the NOOK 3G+Wi-Fi and the NOOKcolor if you are looking for more advanced features.