I am always looking to buy vintage perfume bottles for my collection. Cheap, inexpensive bottles of perfume from decades ago are pretty easy to find where I live. I have been lucky. Just recently, I bagged a small bottle of Jovan Mink & Pearls perfume that was discontinued in the 1980's. This great find is still full of the original Mink & Pearls fragrance. In that same small bag that I found at my local Goodwill was a discontinued Avon milk glass poodle full of Cotillion cologne from the 1970's.

Since that time, I have become more intent on finding and collecting vintage perfumes and the interesting bottles they come in. I don't plan on starting a business with any bottles that I find. I just love them and want to keep them around to enjoy. What can people do with vintage perfume bottles?

Buy Vintage Perfume Bottles To Hold Modern Fragrances

Sometimes, the old colognes and perfumes that can be found at flea markets and yard sales are no longer fresh and usable. The original fragrance may have turned into something totally different than the original one. There is no law that says a new, modern fragrance cannot be poured into an antique bottle and used that way. Using a vintage perfume bottle with a modern cologne in it is  an original way to get some use out of that old bottle. It could very well become a conversation starter with friends and family.

Buy Vintage Perfume Bottles In Miniature Versions

Some of the prettiest and most coveted types of vintage perfume bottles are the tiny, miniature bottles. I love miniature perfume bottles. They take up less room and look wonderful as decorative items in any room. When you buy vintage perfume bottles in miniature versions, they can be set up to look important by grouping them together on a little shelf or a special perfume mirror.

Avon Collectible Perfume Bottle Figurines Are Fun

Avon is one of those love 'em or hate 'em type of beauty companies when it comes to fragrances. Although not every woman likes Avon colognes and perfumes, there is no doubt that vintage Avon perfume bottles and figurines are a huge business online. As I mentioned above, I snagged a discontinued Cotillion poodle that was last made in 1973 at my local Goodwill. My poodle sits in my bathroom as cute as can be. Believe it or not, the fragrance still smells beautiful.

Avon is one of the few companies that makes perfume and cologne bottles that represent so many interesting shapes and themes. They are not boring, that's for sure. What other perfumes come in the shape of wagon wheels, poodles, cupcakes, pipes and woodland critters?

The business of buying and selling discontinued and hard-to-find bottles of perfume is really not for me. I buy vintage perfume bottles for fun and decoration more than anything. Anyone thinking about starting a used perfume bottle business should find out how to buy vintage perfume bottles at the best prices possible. Cheap, little perfume bottles make lovely decorations.