A tablet PC may be described by some people as the handy, portable computer with the convenience and simplicity of a typical notebook, but some people still ask themselves: Why buy a tablet PC at all? Well, here are some of the main reasons that can help a person decide to choose this type of computer:

First, a tablet PC is very portable. Active people who are always on the go will find it very useful as they go about their day-to-day activities. With its usual computer display size of 7 inches for many Android tablets and 10 inches for the iPad, this type of computer is very mobile. Anywhere and everywhere, it may be a user’s best friend.

Second, it is lightweight. Its total weight ranges from only 2 to 3 pounds. It can be placed inside small bags or even a lady’s pouch without making the owner feel like they’re lugging around a heavy computer. One can even run with it, or walk while holding it comfortably.

Third, it is trendy. A person can flaunt it in bars, parties, and other social events. It will make a person look fashionably up-to-date with technological advancements. It is a gadget to be proud of, not only because it is one of the newest gadgets in the market, but also because it has features unavailable in other personal computers.

Fourth, it offers great connectivity.  This type of computer has built-in wireless support. It has a wireless adapter for internet use as well as for local area network support. It may also be placed in a docking station. It may support a large monitor, a network connection, keyboard, mouse, USB and other computer peripherals.

Fifth, it has speech recognition. One of its integral features is that it allows users to dictate any content or control applications with their own voices. So, if your hands feel tired or just lazy, a tablet will make assist you getting your work done.

Sixth, it has cool features. This type of computer uses a digital pen and the so-called ‘Input Panel’ utility. It allows the owner to write directly on the screen. It also lets the user save notes with his or her own handwriting. It even converts text that has already been typed for input into other applications.

Finally, the question, “Why buy a tablet PC?” may be answered with its powerful features. It does not only run almost all personal computer applications which are compatible with Windows XP, but it also has some features that are purposely designed for this type of PC. The tablet PC comes in two versions available in the market: the slate style, and the convertible style. The slate-style tablet has an approximate size of 8.5 inches by 12 inches with a color screen measuring around 10 inches diagonally, and with control buttons found at the edge of its screen. The second type has a clamshell design that is similar to a laptop PC. The screen side swivels 180 degrees, while the backside of the screen folds down on top of the keyboard with the screen side facing up.

Techies may find it very interesting to assess which gadget best fits the kind of lifestyle a person has. People who don’t have much time to do research and who often ask themselves “Why buy a tablet PC?” before making a decision should always take into account their personality and preferences. A user’s own preferences matter, of course, but what a person really needs depends on who he is and what he does.