A lot of people want to stay fit and get into shape. But the problem is, they just don’t have the time and resources to go to the gym regularly. If you feel like you’re in the same predicament, you should consider building your own exercise studio at home. Unfortunately, most people think they can’t afford to build their own gym at home. They think they have to collect several types of exercise equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical trainer. In reality though, this does not have to be the case.

All you need to start your exercise studio is a piece of equipment designed for bodyweight training, and an open space that is roughly the size of your living room. A good option would be to purchase a set of dumbbells. While these are traditionally used to train your biceps, they can also allow you to perform several other routines such as the chest press, chest fly, and curl up. Another good alternative would be to have a pull up bar installed. It is a great piece of equipment that is specifically designed to strengthen your biceps, lats, abs, and core muscles.

With that said though, repeating the same exercise routines will eventually cause them to be less effective. Your muscles actually grow accustomed to the strain of the workout and your body will adapt to make the movement less and less powerful. You will eventually have to purchase other types of equipment in order to vary your workout and concentrate on toning different muscle groups.

Additionally, collecting different types of exercise equipment will help you avoid boredom by giving you a wider selection of challenges to do. It is crucial to keep your routine interesting in order to motivate you go on with it. This is particularly true for cardiovascular exercises. For instance, compare the experience of having to run around the block during cold weather with that of using a treadmill or elliptical to exercise in front of a television while being warm and comfortable at home. It is definitely more likely for you to continue doing the latter exercise than the former.

If you start your personal studio by purchasing dumbbells or other weight training equipment, then it should not be too much of an investment to start. From here on, continue adding other pieces of equipment into your collection. After a few months you’ll be able to collect enough exercise equipment to keep your workout routines interesting and effective.