Should I buy a Vitamix?

Why buy a Vitamix? Several weeks ago I was thinking the same thing. There is no doubt that the Vitamix is expensive but is it worth it? I continued to think about this potential purchase.

Would I use a Vitamix enough to justify the cost and would this blender help me eat better, get healthy and help me to possibly avoid costly medical care in the future? All of these questions are naturally subjective; however, they might help someone decide if this blender is right for them.
Why Buy a Vitamix? Buy the Vitamix 5200c Now AvailableCredit: Amazon product image
The Vitamix is highly versatile high-speed blender. It’s a single kitchen appliance that can make soup, freeze ice cream, grind flours and knead dough. Vitamix blenders can also produce nut butters, make nut milks, blend smooth smoothies and make an endless variety of dressings, spreads, dips and more.

No other solitary kitchen appliance can likewise carry out these tasks. I can now see why this is an indispensable kitchen appliance for many households and professional eateries.

My Test

I wondered if I could make green smoothies in my old blender and get by without spending a lot of money. And if I made green smoothies, would I drink them? Finally, I pondered whether I would use a Vitamix to make more meals or snacks aside from just nutritious green smoothies?

Nutritious Green Smoothies

I tried making my first green smoothie in my old Oster blender, which is still in good working order after 15 years of use. I probably could have simply replaced the dull blade for better results.  Instead, I opted to buy the Vitamix 5200 after I made a kale and orange green smoothie.  I loved it. I now can't wait to make drinks like this one with spinach and other greens. Kale and orange smoothies taste so incredibly good. 

As I have begun to read about drinking greens, I have learned that it is imperative to rotate your greens as they contain trouble-causing toxins, like oxalates in spinach, if they are eaten in very high quantities. Like most dietary regimens suggest, nutritional variety is best for eating a plant-food based diet also.

My Oster Blender is 15 Years Old

While it is possible to make green smoothies in traditional blenders, the results will be less satisfying in comparison to what users can do with a powerful blender. High speed blenders like the Vitamix can pulverize the cell walls of tougher greens like kale and make really smooth and creamy green smoothies unlike standard blenders.

I had to strain my first green smoothie made with my Oster blender as it was too thick to drink.  I knew immediately, however, after making this smoothie, that I wanted to experiment more with drinking green drinks and that I would regularly drink a nutritious green smoothie like this one.

My interest in drinking greens spurred me to find additional smoothie recipes and prompted further evaluation of the costs and benefit to owning a Vitamix. My Oster blender has also been heavily used over the years, as I do make soups in large quantities at least twice a month. So, I knew I would use an even more powerful blender for more than just green smoothies.

What other reasons convinced me to buy a Vitamix?

Vitamix Blenders:

  1. Prepare fresh and ready-to-eat meals in minutes
  2. Enable very fast meal preparation and reduce meal cleanups to mere seconds
  3. Prepare a wide variety of homemade, hot and cold foods for meals or snacks
  4. Facilitate easier raw food or plant-food dietary consumption
  5. Feature BPA-free and shatter-proof blender containers
  6. Help users consume and enjoy more fruits and veggies in their diets
  7. Assist users in loosing weight and lowering other disease and health risks
  8. Boost healthier eating habits and ease the management of strict dietary plans
  9. Aid in gluten-free flour processing and contamination-free processing of flours
  10. Save gluten-free users money on the cost of expensive gluten-free flours
  11. Provide more blending power than traditional blenders
  12. Perform multiple kitchen appliance functions in a single appliance
  13. Can be tried in homes with a 30 day trial offer and returned with free shipping
  14. Come with a 7 year product warranty on new and refurbished blenders
  15. Are made in the USA and are known for being solid performers for decades
  16. Are quality products built to last - 30 year old machines are still reportedly working
  17. Are sold in stores, online or via Vitamix with a three-payment option for a $15 fee
  18. Are backed by a company that has a record of providing superior customer service
  19. Are serviced in the U.S. and callers requesting care are answered by U.S. employees
  20. Refurbished Vitamix blenders come with a new tamper and new and unused containers

I am Correcting Poor Eating Habits

As I discovered, there are numerous reasons to buy this powerful blender. I bought this appliance  primarily because I am guilty of making poor dietary choices especially when I am tired or unmotivated to cook. This is true even when I was cooking larger meals for myself and freezing them for later consumption. Despite these efforts, I was not cooking enough meals for myself. Instead I was relying too much on what was easiest and most convenient to fix and eating too many processed foods.

Due to these less than perfect eating habits, I started to experience some digestive troubles and some possible food sensitivities. So, I knew I had to make some changes fast. My belief is that using a Vitamix will help me fix my eating habits and improve my diet by enabling faster healthy meal preparation.

I also began an elimination diet to remedy my habits and health. I have also significantly reduced dairy and gluten-containing foods from my diet. I am now eating a more balanced diet with greater quantities of fruits and vegetables. In the few short weeks that I have done this, I have begun to feel much better. The digestion issues I was facing seem to have ceased. My Vitamix has helped me eat healthier and it has also contributed to better eating habits. Eating more greens is also more fun and tasty with this blender.

Now, I am using my new kitchen appliance to prepare homemade foods quickly and a at a moment’s notice instead of falling back on old habits and eating something ready-made simply because I waited too long to eat or did not feel like taking the time to cook a homemade meal myself.

I can feel a difference. I am hopeful that I will be able to reintroduce some of the foods I am currently avoiding without any future troubles later this year. Tests may follow if I cannot tolerate these foods at a later date.

Healthy Meals on Demand

I bought a refurbished Vitamix 5200 and I love it. I have used it daily and several times a day. So far, I have made soups, smoothies and a pitcher of almond milk since it arrived. I can make a myriad of nutritious snacks or meals in minutes. This is the best feature of these terrific blenders.

I am also shopping for healthier plant-based foods and buying more fruits and vegetables than I had been consuming as the Vitamix is not a cure-all for good health. It will only help me eat healthier, if I fill it with whole foods, raw foods or naturally made foods.

I am Excited about Trying New Foods & Cooking AgainThe Vitamix Dry Container Grinds Whole Grains EasilyCredit: Amazon product image

I am also reinvigorated in my desire to eat healthier foods since I bought this blender. Now, I really want to learn more about foods and nutrition and discover more information about different diets like the Paleo diet and gluten-free diet regimens. I am buying far fewer processed food items now that I am throwing more plant-based foods into my Vitamix.

Should I need to eradicate gluten-containing foods from my diet permanently and completely, I will be able to grind own gluten-free grains myself with a Vitamix dry blade container. Vitamix blenders are typically sold with only wet blade containers so I may need to buy the dry container for grinding grains. Some deluxe Vitamix packages do feature both containers.

Ask Yourself the Same Question I Did 

What gains can you envision for yourself if you were to buy a Vitamix?  What will use it for and what recipes would you prepare? There are a lot of good recipes and resources on the web and in print for using a Vitamix. These blenders come with assorted cookbooks which vary according to the model purchased.

Make a Recipe with Your Existing Blender or a Magic Bullet First

Search the web for recipes and try making one in your regular blender first or with a Magic Bullet. Your results won't be quite the same but you can taste foods and test your taste buds with new food and flavor combinations to help you decide if you will actually use a Vitamix.

Some users buy a Vitamix blender to purée their own baby food and others buy a Vitamix to fit their raw-food eating lifestyle. Still other simply purchase a Vitamix to lose weight or eat healthier meals. Imagine your own uses and needs for this kitchen appliance prior to making your purchase.

Weigh the Costs of Medical Care Against the Expense of a Vitamix

Also consider the cost of expensive medical treatments and even basic lab tests and routine doctor's visits which add up. Compare these expenses against the cost of a Vitamix that anyone  can own for decades. If it is used to eat more healing foods, it can surely aid one's health. Users will have to consume more leafy greens, more fruit and other foods, however, to really benefit from this purchase.

Consider your own personal health and any health concerns you may be facing. Does anyone in your family suffer from diabetes or heart disease? Are you likewise dealing with any food intolerance or having to manage any diseases or chronic illnesses of your own? Only you can adequately and correctly estimate the associated costs of medical care and any potential rewards and benefits to your own health when evaluating a purchase like this one for your household.

You Will Love It

If you decide to buy a Vitamix, and use it, you will be delighted with your new kitchen appliance as I am with mine.

Vitamix blenders continue to sell and are sold in many countries around the world. They are praised by loyal and devoted users for their lasting qualities and highly recommended by healthcare advocates.

My guess is that any deliberation regarding a Vitamix purchase won't last long. The question of why buy a Vitamix will rapidly be replaced with why didn't I buy one sooner? This is a common response.

Why buy a Vitamix? You will love it, and enjoy using it, and use it often.

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