There's something about getting a widescreen television that just seems to appeal to people. However, is there really a benefit to purchasing one or is it just a huge waste of money used to compensate for something? Actually, there are pretty practical benefits to getting a widescreen.

Have you ever noticed that while common televisions are square cinema screens are actually rectangular like your average wide screen? Have you ever wondered why they didn't just make cinema screens square and save a lot of space?

Well, one of the advantages of widescreen is that it covers all of your areas of vision. Your field of vision isn't exactly square, is it? With a widescreen TV, you actually are actually able to enter a different world, rather than just watch it from a window.

But you might be asking yourself: why a plasma widescreen? The concept of widescreen television isn't exactly new. However, plasma technology actually goes beyond what CRT wide screen TVs can give you. A plasma TV can bring you sharper images and higher resolutions, allowing you to view every scene in stunning clarity.

Of course, the biggest advantage that a widescreen plasma TV has over a conventional TV is the fact that it has a perfectly flat screen. This means you won't have any of the distortion distinctive in the corners and edges of CRT displays. Plasma TVs also have wider viewing angles, which means it lets more people in a room watch it, despite their locations.

Another big advantage of getting a plasma widescreen is the fact that it is only a few inches thick. This represents a good margin over other TV sets.

This thinness works great for people who want to save a bit of space in their homes. It actually makes the TV a very versatile piece of equipment.

You can mount it in your wall, making it look more like a picture frame instead of a TV, you can hang it and increase its visibility or you can go for the more traditional look and put it on a stand. Whichever look you choose, a widescreen plasma TV can adjust to it.