If you are thinking of making a trip around your particular country whether it is American, Canada, Australia or where ver in a caravan there are a few things you need to know. You may not wish to go on back roads at the moment. If that is probably the last thing you could imagine doing, why buy an off road caravan for your next holiday?Because you can is not really a good answer.The funny thing about going away in a caravan is you never know what you want to do until the situation arises.




You will meet so many people on your travels and once you strike up a friendship with someone, you will understand why.They will tell you about their plans and what they have done.Then you may say, oh that sounds terrific. The thing is all you have done for the last month is drive up and down all those boring bitumen roads, whereas they have had experiences you could not have imagined possible.That is the reason to buy an off road caravan for your next holiday.It will give you the chance of doing something different when the chance arises.Do not miss these chances.




Need to know information about caravan travel








If you have never had anything to do with a caravan before then here are a few things you need to think about.




Choosing the design of your caravan:




·Do you want a front or back kitchen

·Double island bed, a sideways island bed takes less room than the other way

·Single beds

·Toilet and shower combo or separate

·Fridge/freezer in one or separate




What type of caravan to buy?




·Pop top, full van or expanda

·Off road or normal caravan

·Size and length of caravan

·Weight of caravan – it is very important to know the weight that your vehicle can tow fully loaded.

·Tire size - If you have the same size tires on caravan as tow vehicle you can interchange them when needed.

·Single or dual axle. Dual axle is better, if you blow one tire or break springs, you can still make it to next town.


Tow hitch and brakes








·All vans should have electric brakes

·Anyone towing should have stabilizers and Reece hitch for their own personal safety.





UHF Radio-This is not necessary in your tow vehicle, although it is a great backup when negotiating traffic. It allows you to tell the truck or semi drivers to pass or receive warnings of dangers ahead on the road.







All brands of manufactured caravans will have their good and bad points.You have to realize living in a caravan is different as you will have limited space.Therefore you need to look at different styles of caravans to see which design would suit you the best. Double beds are much better as an island style, rather than up against a wall.If your partner is a restless sleeper then single beds may be a better choice.Especially if one snores or likes to stay up reading which will cause less disturbance.




An Off road caravan will allow you to travel on unmade roads, therefore giving you options of seeing things you could not with a standard caravan. For instance a trip up to Oodnadatta in Australia (which is a great trip to do if you have the chance) in a standard caravan would be virtually impossible. Unless you drive very slow.Even with an off roader you still need to drive with care, as a caravan is not cheap and you do not want to wreck your new holiday home.




Off road Caravans are built to last.They have stronger springs; axles and the frames underneath are more solid.




Off road camper trailers








If you want to go on sand tracks with scrub overhanging the tracks or on lots of corrugated outback roads and water crossings, this would take the rougher tracks. You will miss out on some of the comforts of an off road caravan but save damages from bushes if you go on these with a new caravan.




Caravan verses Mobile home








Mobile homes are brilliant. The downside is that if you have a large one and you book into a caravan park, you will have to either walk or drive out in the mobile home.




The second option is to tow a vehicle behind, which many people do.This can either be loaded onto a trailer or towed with a fixed drawbar. Then again, if you are fit, you may want to back the bicycles and pedal down to the shops.

So before you spend your hard earned money on a caravan, shop around.Ask other caravan owners for their opinions. Do not make the mistake of buying something that you will be disappointed with.




Personal Experience








We bought a single axle Coromal pop top van a couple of years ago.We traded it in after 5000 kms for a Jayco outback pop top caravan.It was the best thing we ever did.It gave us the freedom to go where and when we wanted. And we went virtually everywhere.In one place in the north of Australia it took us three and a half hours to drive forty five kilometers.I know that sound ridiculous, but the road was bad and we wanted to look after this van.




This van also has a slide out barbecue which comes in very handy instead of cooking inside the van.




The downside of this van is it has a double bed against a side wall.You guessed it I am the smallest so I was the one to have to climb over against the wall.We broke a spring just out of Wyndham and as we had double axles, we kept driving, and didn't get it fixed until we reached Perth.The bed is the only thing I had a problem with although the next van will still be an off roader although this time we want a full van no more pushing the top up, as we are not getting any younger, young in spirit but not in body.




I hope this article will help you make the right choice on why to buy an off road caravan for your next holiday










Once you have bought your van you still need to protect your caravan on your travels